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Key Information about the CBE’s 2020-21 Budget

The CBE's budget report will be available on May 15 through the Board of Trustee​'s Agenda & Reports. It will then will be discussed at the public Board meeting on May 19, 2020. You can view the meeting through our live stream starting at 12 p.m.​



The CBE is one of the best public education systems in the world. We are proud to support over 128,000 students regardless of their background or individual learning needs.

The government is implementing a new funding framework. We are aligning our programs, services and supports to this framework, which will mean changes for our students, staff and families.

We need to think differently about how we support student learning and well-being within the funding we receive. As we change and adapt to a new reality, we will always put students first. The knowledge and skills that students acquire within our public schools are key to developing a resilient, diversified and prosperous future for us all.


Despite the increase, dollars need to stretch further next year to support our growing system. We expect to have 3,000 additional students and open three new schools. This means funding is lower per student even though there is an overall increase to CBE funding.

Funding over the Years

The CBE has been in a period of fiscal restraint for almost a decade. During that time, we balanced our budget by:

  • cutting non-school based staff positions
  • deferring spending on capital such as school-based technology, IT systems and school-based projects
  • finding additional efficiencies
  • using reserves

Going forward, we will no longer have reserves to mitigate budget shortfalls. After balancing the current 2019-20 budget, we anticipate that there will only be 0.3% in operating reserves left.

Our priority has been and always will be supports for students in our classrooms. For example, over the past five years:  


Additional Budget Information

Here are some documents the Board has been using to inform and support stakeholder conversations.   


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​For more information about the 2020-21 budget, please visit: You can provide feedback here. You can also contact your trustee at    

 Contact Your MLA

​We encourage you to share your concerns with your MLA. To find out who your MLA is, the Legislative Assembly of Alberta has a tool.

 Governance Policies

The Board’s advocacy activities are directed by Board policies:

  • Governance Policy 3.2 states that the Board advocates for the organization and the students it serves.
  • Governance Policy 3.3 states that the Board will Initiate and maintain constructive two-way dialogue with students, employees, parents and the citizens as a means to engage all stakeholders in the work of the Board and the organization.
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