Health & Wellness in School

Health & Wellness in School If a Student is Sick or has COVID-19 Symptoms

If a Student is Sick or has COVID-19 Symptoms

Note | This webpage contains information and health measures in effect for the 2021-22 school year. This information is subject to change as more information becomes available from the province. We will continue to update this site during the school year.

The Alberta government has resources to help families understand what they are required to do if their child is sick – when you must isolate, when to be tested, how long you must stay home and when you can go back to school.

Note | These are general guidelines and families should follow the specific directions of Alberta Health Services Public Health and/or Alberta HealthLink 811.

Should I Send my Child to School

Families should complete the Alberta Health Daily Checklist prior to entering school daily. This checklist applies to all students from kindergarten to Grade 12, including high school students over 18. There is a separate checklist for adults. Both checklists are available through the link above.

If you answer Yes to any of the questions, your child must stay home. Follow the instructions on the checklist regarding when your child can return to school and if testing is required.

Symptoms and Testing

Learn more about COVID-19 symptoms and when testing is required on the Alberta government website.

Learning from Home

If you are required to isolate or remain at home, let your school know when your child will be returning to school. Connect with your child's teacher(s) to arrange for learning at home, if your child is well enough to do so.

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