Positive COVID-19 Case Notifications

Sep. 09, 2020

Updated Nov. 13, 2020 

Below is a list of schools that have sent a message home about a positive case of COVID-19 connected to their school community – either confirmed by AHS or because the school has been notified of a case. School letters are posted on their website . School notifications are reported on this page daily by 9:30 a.m. 

Impacted individuals will be contacted directly by AHS Public Health. Outbreaks and watch information is provided by government on their COVID-19 school status map.


 November 2020

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Balmoral SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Lester B. Pearson High SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Ian Bazalgette SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Fairview SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Crossing Park SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Belvedere Parkway SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Peter Lougheed SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Colonel J. Fred Scott SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Grant MacEwan SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Annie Gale SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Roland Michener SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Cranston SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Sir Wilfrid Laurier SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Dr. Roberta Bondar SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Ernest Manning High SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Nelson Mandela High SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Vincent Massey SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Monterey Park SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Nose Creek SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Henry Wise Wood High SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Brentwood SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Colonel Macleod SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Battalion Park SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
John G. Diefenbaker High SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
Sir Winston Churchill High SchoolPositive Case11/23/2020
The Hamptons SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/21/2020
Panorama Hills SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/21/2020
Chaparral SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/21/2020
Dr. E.W. Coffin SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/21/2020
Central Memorial High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/21/2020
Sir Winston Churchill High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/21/2020
Sir Winston Churchill High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/21/2020
Ernest Manning High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/21/2020
Chinook Park SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/21/2020
University SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/21/2020
Royal Oak SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/21/2020
Collingwood SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/21/2020
Hugh A. Bennett SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/21/2020
Manmeet Singh Bhullar SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/21/2020
Falconridge SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/20/2020
Falconridge SchoolPositive Case11/20/2020
Nickle SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/20/2020
Cecil Swanson SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/20/2020
Crossing Park SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/20/2020
Saddle Ridge SchoolPositive Case11/19/2020
Cecil Swanson SchoolPositive Case11/19/2020
Richmond SchoolPositive Case11/19/2020
Christine Meikle SchoolPositive Case11/19/2020
Falconridge SchoolPositive Case11/19/2020
F.E. Osborne SchoolPositive Case11/19/2020
Hugh A. Bennett SchoolPositive Case11/18/2020
West View SchoolPositive Case11/18/2020
Chinook Park SchoolPositive Case11/18/2020
Simons Valley SchoolPositive Case11/18/2020
Mount Royal SchoolPositive Case11/18/2020
James Short Memorial SchoolPositive Case11/18/2020
Western Canada High SchoolPositive Case11/18/2020
Crossing Park SchoolPositive Case11/18/2020
Elboya SchoolPositive Case11/18/2020
Sir Wilfrid Laurier SchoolPositive Case11/18/2020
Sir Winston Churchill High SchoolPositive Case11/18/2020
Crossing Park SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Samuel W. Shaw SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Olympic Heights SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Louise Dean SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
John G. Diefenbaker High SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Crescent Heights High SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Nelson Mandela High SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Ernest Manning High SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Joane Cardinal-Schubert High SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Coventry Hills SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Varsity Acres SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Terrace Road SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Wood's HomesPositive Case11/17/2020
Chinook Park SchoolWatch11/17/2020
Colonel Macleod SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Senator Patrick Burns SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Sir Winston Churchill High SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Terry Fox SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Lester B. Pearson High SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Willow Park SchoolPositive Case11/17/2020
Captain Nichola Goddard SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
MidSun SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
Nose Creek SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
Jack James High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
Cranston SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
William Aberhart High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
Chinook Park SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
Willow Park SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
Nelson Mandela High SchoolAHS Notification11/16/2020
Western Canada High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
Sunalta SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
Bowness High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
Lord Beaverbrook High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
Centennial High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
Bowcroft SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
Altadore SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
Jennie Elliott SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/16/2020
Dalhousie SchoolAHS Notification11/15/2020
Dr. Gladys McKelvie Egbert SchoolAHS Notification11/15/2020
Dr. J.K. Mulloy SchoolAHS Notification11/15/2020
Falconridge SchoolAHS Notification11/15/2020
Georges P. Vanier SchoolAHS Notification11/15/2020
Joane Cardinal-Schubert High SchoolAHS Notification11/15/2020
John G. Diefenbaker High SchoolAHS Notification11/15/2020
Lester B. Pearson High SchoolAHS Notification11/15/2020
Louise Dean SchoolAHS Notification11/15/2020
Senator Patrick Burns SchoolAHS Notification11/15/2020
Woodman SchoolAHS Notification11/15/2020
Chinook Learning at Lord Beaverbrook High SchoolAHS Notification11/15/2020
Bowness High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Capitol Hill SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Centennial High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Central Memorial High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Copperfield SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Clarence Sansom SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Crescent Heights High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Dr. Gordon Higgins SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Elboya SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Fairview SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Fish Creek SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Forest Lawn High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Hidden Valley SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Henry Wise Wood High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Ian Bazalgette SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
John Ware SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Lord Beaverbrook High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Marshall Springs SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Nelson Mandela High SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Valley View SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Willow Park SchoolCBE Pre-Alert11/15/2020
Glamorgan SchoolPositive Case11/12/2020
Western Canada High SchoolPositive Case11/12/2020
Roland Michener SchoolPositive Case11/12/2020
McKenzie Highlands SchoolPositive Case11/12/2020
Chinook Park SchoolPositive Case11/12/2020
Nose Creek SchoolPositive Case11/12/2020
Altadore SchoolPositive Case11/12/2020
Chief Justice Milvain SchoolPositive Case11/12/2020
Cranston SchoolPositive Case11/12/2020
Ernest Manning High SchoolPositive Case11/12/2020
Dr. George Stanley SchoolPositive Case11/12/2020
Christine Meikle SchoolPositive Case11/11/2020
Lester B. Pearson High SchoolPositive Case11/11/2020
Centennial High SchoolPositive Case11/11/2020
William D. Pratt SchoolPositive Case11/11/2020
Varsity Acres SchoolPositive Case11/11/2020
Robert Thirsk High SchoolPositive Case11/11/2020
Ted Harrison SchoolPositive Case11/11/2020
Chinook Park SchoolPositive Case11/11/2020
Dr. George Stanley SchoolPositive Case11/11/2020
Vincent Massey SchoolPositive Case11/11/2020
Nose Creek SchoolPositive Case11/11/2020
Colonel Sanders SchoolPositive Case11/9/2020
Crescent Heights High SchoolPositive Case11/9/2020
Nelson Mandela High SchoolPositive Case11/9/2020
Crossing Park SchoolOutbreak11/9/2020
Crescent Heights High SchoolOutbreak11/9/2020
James Fowler High SchoolOutbreak11/8/2020
Hillhurst SchoolOutbreak11/8/2020
Twelve Mile Coulee SchoolPositive Case11/8/2020
Centennial High SchoolPositive Case11/8/2020
Balmoral SchoolPositive Case11/8/2020
Ernest Manning High SchoolOutbreak11/8/2020
William D. Pratt SchoolPositive Case11/8/2020
Ernest Manning High SchoolPositive Case11/8/2020
John G. Diefenbaker High SchoolPositive Case11/8/2020
Robert Thirsk High SchoolPositive Case11/8/2020
Henry Wise Wood High SchoolOutbreak11/5/2020
Banff Trail SchoolPositive Case11/5/2020
Dr. George Stanley SchoolPositive Case11/5/2020
Crescent Heights High SchoolPositive Case11/5/2020
Western Canada High SchoolPositive Case11/5/2020
Hillhurst SchoolPositive Case11/5/2020
Eric Harvie SchoolPositive Case11/5/2020
William D. Pratt SchoolPositive Case11/5/2020
Ernest Manning High SchoolPositive Case11/5/2020
Henry Wise Wood High SchoolPositive Case11/4/2020
Colonel Macleod SchoolPositive Case11/4/2020
James Fowler High SchoolPositive Case11/4/2020
Joane Cardinal-Schubert High SchoolPositive Case11/3/2020
Robert Thirsk High SchoolPositive Case11/3/2020
Centennial High SchoolOutbreak11/3/2020
Fairview SchoolPositive Case11/2/2020
Elboya SchoolPositive Case11/2/2020
Lester B. Pearson High SchoolPositive Case11/2/2020
Niitsitapi Learning CentrePositive Case11/2/2020
Centennial High SchoolPositive Case11/2/2020
Henry Wise Wood High SchoolPositive Case11/2/2020
Monterey Park SchoolPositive Case11/1/2020
David Thompson SchoolPositive Case11/1/2020
Acadia SchoolPositive Case11/1/2020

 October 2020

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Woodman SchoolPositive Case11/26/2020
Centennial High SchoolPositive Case10/30/2020
Joane Cardinal-Schubert High SchoolPositive Case10/30/2020
Douglasdale SchoolPositive Case10/30/2020
Dr. Gordon Higgins SchoolPositive Case10/30/2020
Rosemont SchoolPositive Case10/29/2020
West Ridge SchoolPositive Case10/29/2020
F.E. Osborne SchoolPositive Case10/29/2020
Nelson Mandela High SchoolPositive Case10/29/2020
Le Roi Daniels SchoolPositive Case10/29/2020
Catherine Nichols Gunn SchoolOutbreak10/29/2020
Arbour Lake SchoolPositive Case10/29/2020
Chinook Learning at Lord Beaverbrook High SchoolPositive Case10/29/2020
Western Canada High SchoolPositive Case10/28/2020
Annie Gale SchoolPositive Case10/28/2020
Central Memorial High SchoolPositive Case10/28/2020
Crescent Heights High SchoolPositive Case10/28/2020
Sir Winston Churchill High SchoolPositive Case10/28/2020
Panorama Hills SchoolOutbreak10/28/2020
Centennial High SchoolPositive Case10/28/2020
Hugh A. Bennett SchoolPositive Case10/28/2020
West Ridge SchoolPositive Case10/28/2020
Stanley Jones SchoolPositive Case10/28/2020
Captain Nichola Goddard SchoolPositive Case10/28/2020
Connaught SchoolPositive Case10/27/2020
Sir Winston Churchill High SchoolWatch10/27/2020
Alexander Ferguson SchoolPositive Case10/26/2020
Forest Lawn High SchoolPositive Case10/26/2020
Ernest Manning High SchoolPositive Case10/26/2020
Western Canada High SchoolOutbreak10/26/2020
Joane Cardinal-Schubert High SchoolPositive Case10/25/2020
Christine Meikle SchoolPositive Case10/25/2020
Western Canada High SchoolPositive Case10/25/2020
Rundle SchoolPositive Case10/25/2020
Lester B. Pearson High SchoolPositive Case10/25/2020
Nelson Mandela High SchoolPositive Case10/25/2020
H.D. Cartwright SchoolPositive Case10/25/2020
Hawkwood SchoolPositive Case10/25/2020
Chinook Learning at Lord Beaverbrook High SchoolPositive Case10/24/2020
Sir Winston Churchill High SchoolPositive Case10/24/2020
Belvedere Parkway SchoolPositive Case10/24/2020
Simon Fraser SchoolPositive Case10/24/2020
Canyon Meadows SchoolPositive Case10/24/2020
Nelson Mandela High SchoolPositive Case10/24/2020
Simon Fraser SchoolPositive Case10/23/2020
Sir Winston Churchill High SchoolPositive Case10/23/2020
W.O. Mitchell SchoolPositive Case10/23/2020
Crossing Park SchoolPositive Case10/22/2020
Nelson Mandela High SchoolPositive Case10/22/2020
Sir Winston Churchill High SchoolPositive Case10/22/2020
Nose Creek SchoolPositive Case10/22/2020
Western Canada High SchoolPositive Case10/22/2020
Manmeet Singh Bhullar SchoolPositive Case10/22/2020
West Dover SchoolPositive Case10/20/2020
Branton SchoolPositive Case10/20/2020
Woodman SchoolPositive Case10/20/2020
Coventry Hills SchoolPositive Case10/18/2020
Forest Lawn High SchoolPositive Case10/17/2020
Buchanan SchoolPositive Case10/17/2020
John G. Diefenbaker High SchoolWatch10/15/2020
Taradale SchoolPositive Case10/15/2020
Coventry Hills SchoolPositive Case10/14/2020
Chief Justice Milvain SchoolOutbreak10/14/2020
Nelson Mandela High SchoolPositive Case10/13/2020
Dr. J.K. Mulloy SchoolPositive Case10/13/2020
Crescent Heights High SchoolPositive Case10/13/2020
Chris Akkerman SchoolOutbreak Ended10/12/2020
Crescent Heights High SchoolOutbreak Ended10/12/2020
Central Memorial High SchoolOutbreak10/12/2020
Chief Justice Milvain SchoolPositive Case10/12/2020
Alex Munro SchoolPositive Case10/12/2020
Crossing Park SchoolPositive Case10/12/2020
Rundle SchoolOutbreak10/12/2020
Lester B. Pearson High SchoolOutbreak10/12/2020
Saddle Ridge SchoolPositive Case10/12/2020
Queen Elizabeth High SchoolPositive Case10/9/2020
James Fowler High SchoolPositive Case10/9/2020
Nelson Mandela High SchoolPositive Case10/9/2020
John G. Diefenbaker High SchoolPositive Case10/9/2020
Rundle SchoolPositive Case10/8/2020
Peter Lougheed SchoolOutbreak10/8/2020
Dr. Gordon Higgins SchoolPositive Case10/8/2020
Clarence Sansom SchoolWatch10/7/2020
Connaught SchoolOutbreak10/7/2020
Connaught SchoolPositive Case10/6/2020
A.E. Cross SchoolPositive Case10/6/2020
Nelson Mandela High SchoolWatch10/6/2020
John G. Diefenbaker High SchoolOutbreak10/5/2020
William Aberhart High SchoolPositive Case10/4/2020
Nelson Mandela High SchoolOutbreak10/4/2020
Joane Cardinal-Schubert High SchoolPositive Case10/4/2020
Georges P. Vanier SchoolPositive Case10/4/2020
Dr. E.P. Scarlett High SchoolPositive Case10/2/2020
Ernest Manning High SchoolPositive Case10/1/2020

 September 2020

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Emily Follensbee SchoolPositive Case10/17/2020
Central Memorial High SchoolPositive Case9/30/2020
R.T. Alderman SchoolPositive Case9/29/2020
Le Roi Daniels SchoolPositive Case9/29/2020
King George SchoolPositive Case9/29/2020
Jennie Elliott SchoolPositive Case9/29/2020
Glamorgan SchoolPositive Case9/29/2020
Dr. Roberta Bondar SchoolPositive Case9/29/2020
Douglas Harkness SchoolPositive Case9/29/2020
Canyon Meadows SchoolWatch9/29/2020
Grant MacEwan SchoolPositive Case9/28/2020
Nellie McClung SchoolPositive Case9/28/2020
Vista Heights SchoolOutbreak9/27/2020
Monterey Park SchoolOutbreak9/27/2020
Nelson Mandela High SchoolOutbreak9/27/2020
Peter Lougheed SchoolPositive Case9/27/2020
Monterey Park SchoolPositive Case9/26/2020
Vista Heights SchoolPositive Case9/26/2020
Glenmeadows SchoolOutbreak9/25/2020
Clarence Sansom SchoolOutbreak9/25/2020
Clarence Sansom SchoolPositive Case9/24/2020
Forest Lawn High SchoolPositive Case9/22/2020
Evergreen SchoolPositive Case9/22/2020
Collingwood SchoolPositive Case9/22/2020
Canyon Meadows SchoolOutbreak9/22/2020
Clarence Sansom SchoolPositive Case9/20/2020
Saddle Ridge SchoolOutbreak9/20/2020
Glenmeadows SchoolPositive Case9/20/2020
Canyon Meadows SchoolPositive Case9/20/2020
Mountain Park SchoolPositive Case9/19/2020
Nelson Mandela High SchoolPositive Case9/19/2020
Hawkwood SchoolPositive Case9/17/2020
Chris Akkerman SchoolOutbreak9/16/2020
Saddle Ridge SchoolPositive Case9/16/2020
Crescent Heights High SchoolOutbreak9/15/2020
John G. Diefenbaker High SchoolPositive Case9/15/2020
James Fowler High SchoolPositive Case9/14/2020
Lester B. Pearson High SchoolOutbreak9/13/2020
Centennial High SchoolPositive Case9/13/2020
Auburn Bay SchoolOutbreak9/13/2020
Bishop Pinkham SchoolPositive Case9/12/2020
Crescent Heights High SchoolPositive Case9/12/2020
Captain Nichola Goddard SchoolPositive Case9/9/2020
Henry Wise Wood High SchoolOutbreak9/9/2020
Henry Wise Wood High SchoolPositive Case9/8/2020
Brentwood SchoolPositive Case9/8/2020
Lester B. Pearson High SchoolPositive Case9/6/2020
Bridlewood SchoolPositive Case9/6/2020
Bowness High SchoolPositive Case9/5/2020

 August 2020

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Canyon Meadows SchoolPositive Case8/31/2020