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Hub Online Learning Hub Online Learning FAQs

Hub Online Learning FAQs

Can I move from school to hub online learning once the school year has started?

Given the evolving situation with COVID-19, we did consider whether to permit movement from in-person classes into Hub online learning for the second semester. However, in order to ensure continuity of learning and minimize disruption to in-person classes resulting from the movement of staff from in-person classes to Hub, we are not able to accommodate new requests for Hub online learning in the new year.

Movement on Feb. 1 will be only one way, from Hub online learning back to in-person classes.​

Can my child move from hub online learning back to in-person learning?

Students may change from hub online learning back to in-person instruction at their schools on Feb. 1, 2021. This is the only time students may move from Hub online learning to in-person instruction. Parents / Guardians / Independent students need to inform the administration of their schools by Jan. 8, 2021 of their decision. 

New Dec. 7

If you would like your child to remain in Hub online learning – no action is required. Students in Grade 1-9 will automatically continue with online learning. Students in Grade 10-12 will be contacted by their school to confirm course selectio​ns for the second semester.  

If you would like to move your child back to in-person learning – you will need to complete a notice of intent using your MyCBE/PowerSchool account. Please refer to the Hub Notice of Intent support page for step-by-step instructions. 

Register for yellow school bus transportation: If your child requires yellow school bus transportation, you must register by Jan. 8 using your MyCBE/PowerSchool account. This will ensure your child is added to an existing route. Students registering after this date will not be able to ride the bus until they are added. This process can take up to four weeks. 

Students moving back to in-person instruction will begin at their school on Monday, Feb. 1, 2020.  ​

Can students enrolled in hub online learning still participate in school clubs and athletics at their home school?

New Oct. 27

No, participation in these activities is only offered to students learning in-person at 
their school. 

If my child chooses hub online learning, can they still ​​enrol in Late French Immersion classes next year​?

Updated Sept. 9

Grade 7 and 8 Late French​ Immersion students will not be accepted back to the Immersion program in February or September 2021 if they are registered in the hub​ in the English Program. This placement can be reviewed by the principal of the school if the student has engaged in further French language activities and can demonstrate a sufficient ability in French that would ensure success in the program.


​​Do I still have to pay for school fees?

Updated Aug. 31


Students in hub will not be charged school fees. Beyond just receiving a package at the beginning of the year, school fees include supplies that are used in the classroom throughout the year, e.g., art supplies.  It would be impossible to provide hub students with access to the same materials as students who are present in the classroom. For this reason, no fee will be charged.

Will schools provide learning supplies to hub students?

Updated Aug. 31


As students in hub will not be charged school fees, parents/guardians/independent students will be responsible for providing all necessary learning supplies for their children.

As a high school student, can I change the courses I selected to take in hub?

Updated Dec. 2


Hub classes at high school are created based on the courses students have selected.

Students in Grades 10-12 will be contacted by their schools to confirm their course selections for the second semester. ​

Will my child in TLC have access to the mandatory French and Band/Music courses through hub online learning?

Updated Aug. 11

The following  are the  courses being offered to students in Grades 1-9 through hub online learning:  Math, Language  Arts, Science, Social Studies, Health and Wellness and Physical Education. Art and Music will integrated in these six courses in Grades 1-6 and  Art and Drama will be integrated in the same six courses in Grades 7-9.  French and Band/Music courses will not be offered through hub online learning.                         

Is HUB available for GATE program – is it considered alternative?

Updated Aug. 11

GATE is not an alternative program. The offering of GATE hub classes is dependent on student demand. E.g., Have enough students requested the courses to support the creation of classes? If specific GATE hub classes cannot be created, students may still register for hub classes and programming related to the IPP would need to be accounted for.

What times are children expected to be online?

Updated Aug. 11

The times students will be together online as a class with their teacher for real-time teaching will be determined by each teacher. Information on our website includes anticipated hours of real-time teaching which is dependent on the grade of the learner.

What if multiple children share computer, will flexibility on those times be available?

Updated Aug. 11

As real-time online teacher instruction involves all students in the class being online together, there is limited flexibility once a time has been established by the teacher. Availability of technology is a consideration when considering hub online learning.

Will they be with only one teacher for online for all subjects?

Updated Aug. 11

One teacher (generalist) will be assigned to teach each elementary hub class for Grades 1 - 6 students. Subject specific teachers will teach courses for Grades 7-12.

If my child is taking International Baccalaureate (IB), can they return to IB – the next level course?

Updated Aug. 11

International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement courses will not be offered due to the complexities of program delivery. Please consult with your school guidance counsellor or your school's IB coordinator.

What are the technology requirements for students registered with hub o​nline learning?

Internet connection, laptop, desktop computer, or Chrome notebook.

Will the CBE provide technology accessibility for students?

Because the demand for hub online learning is unknown at this time, the CBE cannot commit to being able to provide technology resources to all who make a request.

Can my child take some courses through Hub and some at their school?

Students are registered either full-time in hub or full-time in school. Students in high school that may have extenuating circumstances relating to high school completion should meet with their administration. There will be limited concurrent registration for high school classes with CBe-learn.

How many hours a week will my child receive direct online instruction in Hub?

Hours of real time teacher instruction with all students or in small groups from a class will vary division. Grades 1-6: 5-6 hours; Grades 7-9: one hour per course or about 5-6 hours; Grades 10 - 12: two hours per course. Teachers will schedule the real-time online learning. Independent work and online videos will provide further learning opportunities. 

What are my responsibilities as a parent to support my child in Hub?

It is the parent's responsibility to ensure the child is engaging with learning, completing assignments and is available for real time online teacher instruction. The parent is expected to initiate any learning concerns with the teacher. The time commitment from parents will vary dependent on the age and level of learning independence of their children.

Are hub and regular school attendance my only choices for my child?

Parents may consider alternatives outside the CBE such as Home Education or other virtual organizations.

What is the difference between hub and CBE-learn?

CBe-learn is a school on its own. Students in hub remain attached to their designated schools. Hub may use CBe-learn course materials, however instruction in these online classes will be provided by teachers from community schools.

Hub Learning Approach

Students registered with hub remain registered at their home school and connected to their school community.

Grades 1-12 offered. Students remain enrolled at home school so enrolment in hub is not limited.

Instruction provided through real-time teacher instruction and independent student learning time.

Parent support required.


CBe-learn is the student’s home school. It is a stand alone school.

Grades 1-12 offered. As a school, enrolment is limited.

Instruction provided through real-time teacher instruction and independent student learning time.

Parent support required.


What courses will be offered through hub online learning?

The CBE is committed to offering courses at each grade level that lead to high school completion. Hub online learning requires students to meet all the outcomes in the Programs of Study. 
▪ Grades 1-6 will be taught by generalists and the curriculum for English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies, Physical Education, Health and Wellness along with Music and Art will be integrated in these four courses.
▪ Grades 7-9 will be taught by subject specific teachers. Science, Math, English Language Arts and Social Studies will be offered as well as Physical Education, Health and Wellness, while Fine Arts opportunities (Art and Drama) will be integrated within the core.
▪ High School will offer courses in the Sciences, Math, English Language Arts and Social Studies, as well as Physical Education 10 and CALM. Courses offered will be based on student demand. Complementary courses offered will be based on student demand and available space and resources.​​

What are the costs for families with children registered for hub learning?

There will be no additional costs for students registered for hub learning.

How is my placement with service providers (before/after school care) impacted if I register my child for hub learning?

Priority for access to service providers will be given to students who are attending in-person instruction at their school.

My child receives additional learning support at school. Will this support continue with hub learning?

If your child has previously received technological assistance for learning, e.g., Read&Write, this support is available on-line. At this time we are unable to commit continued support requiring personnel, e.g., educational assistants. Limited flexibility exists to support students with significant learning challenges or exceptionalities in the hub learning approach. Further details will be provided in future updates.

Will science labs be utilized for hub learning?

Science labs will not be utilized in a hub learning format.

Are courses in Alternative programs offered in hub?

Most Alternative Programs will not be offered because of the complexities of delivering these programs and courses. French immersion and Spanish Bilingual will be the only alternative programs offered through hub learning. Courses offered will be dependent on student demand.

If my school moves to Scenario 3, do I leave hub and join my school for online learning?

Students registered with hub classes will remain with hub online learning even if their home school is required to move to S​cenario 2 (blended) or 3 (learning at home).

Will students be completing the same work in hub classes as the students in their classes at school?

Student learning will be directly related to the learning outcomes of the Programs of Study as determined by Alberta Education. The assignments may not be identical to the work of their peers in the classroom, but the work will connect to the same learning outcomes.

Can I move from hub online learning back to school once the school year has started?

There will be one transition point during the school year. Parents can notify administration in writing by Jan. 8, 2021 for transition on Feb. 1, 2021.  More information will be shared in late fall 2020.

If my child is in an Alternative Program and decides to take the regular program through hub online, do they need to transfer from their Alternative Program school back to their regular program school?

No. Students may remain at their current school. E.g., A student in a TLC school remains at the TLC school while enrolled in hub online learning. The student may return to the TLC school should they wish to resume face to face instruction in February 2021. Students may also return to face to face instruction in the TLC program for September 2021.

Will kindergarten be offered through the hub learning approach?

Delivery of kindergarten programming will only be offered through in person learning at the CBE.​​​​​​​​​​​​

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