Exploring Career Choices

Exploring Career Choices Past Opportunities

Past Opportunities

Opportunites still may be available. Select a PDF below for more information.

 Business, Administration, Finance & Information Technology

ProgramApplication Deadline
Junior Achievement Company Program | Exploratory10/15/2019
Online Program | Business Management | Dual Credit6/24/2021

 Health, Recreation & Human Services

ProgramApplication Deadline
Blended Online and On-campus Program | Healthcare Career Essentials | Dual Credit11/27/2020
Cook | Internship3/15/2019
Cook Apprentice3/16/2018
Cook Internship | Exploratory10/3/2018
Culinary Arts (TEPF Program) | Exploratory2/7/2020
Culinary Arts | Exploratory2/26/2021
Food Services ZooYouth Employment Program | Internship 4/6/2019
Food Services ZooYouth Program | Exploratory2/21/2020
Foundations in Emergency Care | Exploratory11/29/2019
Health Care Career Essentials | Dual Credit11/15/2019
Marriott Hotels Cook | Internship12/16/2019
Online Program | Anatomy & Physiology | Dual Credit11/27/2020
Online Program | Dual Credit | Healthcare Professionalism6/24/2021
Online Program | Infection Prevention & Control | Dual Credit11/27/2020
Online Program | Medical Terminology | Dual Credit11/27/2020
Online Program | Science of Health & Wellness | Dual Credit12/4/2020
Pharmacy Assistant Certificate | Dual Credit5/10/2019
Recreational Leadership | Exploratory1/31/2020
University of Calgary Kinesiology | Dual Credit12/13/2019

 Media, Design & Communication Arts

ProgramApplication Deadline
EducationMatters Digital Communications Assistant Internship2/24/2020

 Multi-Cluster: Pre-Engineering, Robotics & Building Trades

ProgramApplication Deadline
Construction Engineering5/18/2018
Energy & Environmental Engineering Technologies 1 | Dual Credit5/10/2019
Energy Engineering & Environmental Technologies5/18/2018
Engineering Design & Geospatial Technologies5/10/2019
Pre-Engineering & Robotics | Internship4/26/2019
Pre-Engineering Construction Engineering | Internship5/17/2019
Pre-Engineering Construction Project Management | Internship5/17/2019
Psychology 203 (Summer Opportunity)6/18/2018
STEM Education5/18/2018
STEM Summer Camp Supervisor5/8/2018

 Natural Resources

ProgramApplication Deadline
Dual Credit | Introduction to the Veterinary Profession6/24/2021
Dual Credit | Veterinary Technical Assistant 6/24/2021
Green Certificate | Dual Credit7/1/2019
Online Program | Applied Ecology | Dual Credit1/8/2021
Online Program | Veterinary Practice: The Team Connection | Dual Credit 1/8/2021

 Trades, Manufacturing & Transportation

ProgramApplication Deadline
Electrical Trades | Exploratory12/11/2020
Foundations in Commercial Carpentry 1/25/2019
Heat and Frost Insulator | Exploratory1/25/2019
Heat and Frost Insulators | Exploratory2/3/2020
Ironworkers | Exploratory12/16/2019
Mechanical Insulation Trades | Exploratory12/11/2020
Metal Trades | Exploratory 11/29/2019
Pipe Trades | Exploratory12/11/2020
Pre-Employment Carpentry | Dual Credit6/24/2021
Pre-employment Electrician | Dual Credit6/21/2019
Pre-Employment Pipe Trades | Dual Credit6/24/2021
Pre-employment Plumbing 6/18/2018
Pre-employment Welding | Dual Credit6/24/2021

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