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MyCBE / PowerSchool - Hub Notice of Intent​


Before You Start

Before you can choose to have your student(s) return to in-person learning on Feb. 1, you must have a My CBE/PowerSchool Account (link to instructions). If your child(ren) is remaining in Hub online learning, no additional action is required.

See Creating a Parent Account.


Step 1: Sign In

Parents can access their Notice of Intent to indicate that the student is moving from Hub on-line learning to in-person instruction.
To access the Notice of Intent, login to My CBE / PowerSchool from your computer's web browser.

Step 2: Select Student From Top Menu

From the top navigation menu, select your student in Hub.

Step 3: Select Notice of Intent

From the left navigation menu, select Notice of Intent

Step 4: Check the Box if Student is Moving to In-Person Instruction

Check the box below if you are indicating that your child will be moving from Hub on-line learning back to in-person instruction.

Click Submit.


Note | If a legal guardian wants to make a different choice prior to the deadline, you may deselect and click to save changes

Note | If you are a legal guardian and you do not see the checkbox to provide your notice of intent, please contact your school for support.

Step 5: Review Your Summary

Review your Summary to check that all your Hub students are correct.