Do you lov​e cities? Are you passionate about the urban environme​nt and the excitement, possibilities and innovation that exists in Calgary? Are you interested in exploring the role that public education plays in the lives of Calgarians and the democratic process surrounding it?

2School brings together teachers, students and community experts for a week-long curriculum-based experience utilizing the downtown urban environment as our classroom. This program is situated at the CBE Education Center in the Beltline, and encourages Calgarians to learn, talk about, and celebrate public education and our vibrant rich inner city neighborhoods and the many exciting things they have to offer!

Some questions that have been explored during 2School:

  • How does the past influence the present?
  • What is the story of public education?
  • How do worldview shape and impact the health of the community?
  • What does public art tell us about the environment we live in?
  • Citizenship and society; how are decisions made?
  • How can innovation be used to change the world we live in?
  • How are cities solving problems?
  • What is the role of 'play' in our lives?

Experts that have met with 2School students:

  • Deputy Chief Superintendent, CBE
  • Chief Superintendent, CCSD
  • School Trustees
  • Public Art program coordinators
  • Architects
  • Urban Planners
  • Artists
  • Community outreach members
  • Business Owners




Margeaux Montgomery

Phone: 403.817.7247
Email: mbmontgomery@cbe.ab.ca​​​​​​ ​