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Jube School


Jube School is a week-long program of personalized, interactive, arts-based learning rooted in elements of each class’ curriculum. Creative explorations in the technical, visual, and performing arts will inspire learners and educators to make personal connections in, through, and about the arts. Working alongside some of the world's best teaching artists and technicians, students have hands-on opportunities to create, reflect, and explore in an environment that supports personal and social growth, empowers practical learning, and inspires curiosity that enriches the individual, the class, and our community.

Some questions that have been explored at Jube School are:

  • How Do We Tell Our Story?
  • What is the Story?
  • Who are we? How does the past, present and future impact our identity?
  • What possibilities lies beyond the door?
  • How does Art tell a story?
  • What is the story of our Community?
  • If the best could happen, what would be my contribution?

Workshop Possibilities can include:   

  • Audio: mic patterns, recording techniques, mixing, sound effects 
  • Lighting: shadow, focus, colour exploration, shaping of light, storytelling, gobo making 
  • Stage Craft: stage fly system, mechanical advantage, knots and rigging    
  • Atmospherics: fog, dry ice, haze 
  • Visual Arts: paint, mixed media, collage, graffiti   
  • Performing Arts: improv, voice, theatre games and storytelling 
  • Playwriting and story generating 
  • Directing 101 Workshops 
  • Spoken Word & Poetry   ​

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Brianna Ross

Brianna is a musician, actor, musical director, photographer, and an arts educator. She grew up on the Coast of BC and worked towards a jazz performance degree at Vancouver Island University. She has musically directed and accompanied over 20 theatre productions on both Vancouver Island and Toronto. Brianna has been teaching group and private classes in musical theatre, voice, and piano for 16 years and believes that you are your instrument. Brianna is passionate about arts education and when she is not educating, she is pursuing her other passion: photography and videography.

Email: bross@albertajubileesociety.ca​​​​​​​

Masani St. Rose (she/her)

A native Calgarian who immersed into dancing at the tender age of 3, specializing in West African and Caribbean dance. Upon the introduction to dance, Masani found passion for the West African culture and style. It was through training under Michèle Moss-Johnston at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, she was able to build her foundation. Still working very closely with Michèle Moss-Johnston and various other artists from Guinea, West Africa, she finds every opportunity to take master classes from artists from various regions of Africa including, Congo, Uganda, Ghana, Mali, Guinea and Zimbabwe. Throughout the years, Masani has worked with various studios and professional groups across Canada. It is her mission to keep the art and culture alive from soul to sole!

Phone: 587-987-3673
Email: mstrose@albertajubileesociety.ca​​​


Southern Jubilee Auditorium​

1415 14 Ave NW
Calgary, AB
T2N 1M4​