City Hall School


City Hall School


Celebrating 20 years of City Hall School in 2020

How does our municipal government affect our everyday lives? How can each citizen speak up and make a difference? At City Hall School, students learn from City employees, Council members, and community experts, and they become comfortable in downtown Calgary. Students discover that they have the right to be at City Hall and to ask questions of those in charge.

Ideas for inspiration:

  • Democracy and citizen engagement
  • Social issues, environmental stewardship, and sustainability
  • Historic preservation
  • Urban planning, local stories, and public art
  • The diverse teams of people who make this city work​

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Erin Retallack

With students at her side, Erin loves discovering the people, the stories, the arts, and everything else about this city! She is passionate about inquiry, exciting learning experiences, and citizen engagement. Erin is a Calgary Board of Education teacher seconded to The City of Calgary.

Phone: 403.268.3270



City Hall School

Main Floor, Municipal Building
800 Macleod Trail SE
T2P 2M5

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PO Box 2100 Stn M #8486
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