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ConocoPhillips Hub for Inspired Learning at Arts Commons (formerly EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts) is home to Alberta Theatre Projects, Calgary International Children's Festival, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Downstage Theatre, One Yellow Rabbit, and Theatre Calgary.

Some teachers like to uncover curriculum through the lens of the arts. Others prefer to use our professional actors, dancers, artists and musicians to improve their skills directly. Whichever path you choose engages our youth. We equip them to respond to the complexities of our world today and in the future.

Arts Commons provides a unique location, in the heart of downtown Calgary, to develop well-rounded, creative, innovative and compassionate citizens who can problem-solve, collaborate, network and contribute to society, both socially and economically.

Ideas for inspiration could include:

  • Storytelling through music, dance and drama
  • Exploring light and shadows
  • Writing scripts, poems and stories
  • Uncovering the connections between art and architecture
  • Discovering math and science in set designs
  • Exploring a variety of perspectives that shape culture and community

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Thank you sincerely for offering this outstanding learning opportunity to these young students of Calgary. You have truly helped them create memories about the Stampede and the Stampede Grounds that will last a lifetime. These fortunate students will see the Stampede through different eyes every time they attend


Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer is a creator with a diverse set of skills and a passion for telling stories in surprising ways. A Poet, Playwright, Performer, Clown, Mover, Instructor, Aesthetic Educator, Student and Lover of life. She is very excited to join Arts Commons as their Education Coordinator. Having graduated from the U of C with a BFA in Theatre, her gravitational pull leads her ever toward the art of communication. This fascination with human connections is what drives her storytelling and she continues to approach all the aspects of her craft with great intensity, curiosity and openness.

Education Coordinator
Phone: 403.294.7455 ext. 1975

Karen Youngberg

As the Cultural Development Specialist for the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, Karen is responsible for creating programs that educate, inspire and engage our community. Driven by both her commitment to education and her passion for the arts, she is a dynamic contributor to the CC/OM school program, opening the doors of ‘The Jube’ to Calgary students for a week of hands-on critical learning rooted in creative expression. Collaborative with a remarkable ability to inspire others, Karen believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience (and ideally create!) live theatre, music, dance and visual arts, and the joy they each give.

Phone: 403.297.8000