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Welcome to Arts Commons where our building becomes the springboard into curiosity and imagination. The place where students and teachers are immersed in opportunities to explore the Performing and Visual Arts as it connects to each classes' curriculum. Students are also given a peek behind the scenes to engage in the technical side of theatre. Situated in the heart of downtown Calgary, Arts Commons is one of Canada’s largest Art Centres, home to six resident performance companies and six visual art galleries.

At the ConocoPhillips Hub for Inspired Learning students connect with industry experts for hands-on learning that promotes creative bravery while connecting to the joy of discovery alongside their peers.

Students are supported in the Hub to be their best, always, encouraged to do the right thing, and invited to lead with an open mind and heart.

Empowered to ask questions, to imagine, innovate, inspire, illuminate, and ignite with wonder, students and teachers engage with art in all its forms. Students will leave transformed having made discoveries about themselves, their community, and the world around them.

Workshop Possibilities include:

  • Story-telling through: music, dance, drama, comic books, shadow, and puppetry
  • Performance: drama, masks, clown, improv
  • Visual Arts: painting, ink printing, mixed media, collage, textiles, photography, and sculpture
  • Learning and creating alongside Cultural Experts
  • Spoken Word/Poetry
  • Audio: soundscapes, audio lab explorations
  • Set Design
  • Costumes
  • Special FX Makeup
  • Lighting Design
  • Directing
  • Stage Craft

And so much more!​​

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Thank you sincerely for offering this outstanding learning opportunity to these young students of Calgary. You have truly helped them create memories about the Stampede and the Stampede Grounds that will last a lifetime. These fortunate students will see the Stampede through different eyes every time they attend


Jennifer Roberts

Jennifer is a creator with a diverse set of skills and a passion for telling stories in surprising ways. A Poet, Playwright, Performer, Clown, Mover, Instructor, Aesthetic Educator, Student and Lover of life. She is very excited to join Arts Commons as their Education Coordinator. Having graduated from the U of C with a BFA in Theatre, her gravitational pull leads her ever toward the art of communication. This fascination with human connections is what drives her storytelling and she continues to approach all the aspects of her craft with great intensity, curiosity and openness.

Education Coordinator
Phone: 403.294.7455 ext. 1975

Karen Youngberg

As a performing arts professional, Karen passionately believes in the power of the arts to impact, inspire, and create change. She creates transformative arts experiences that invite and immerse students, educators, artists, and community members in programs that open minds through arts-inspired education.
Karen is committed to sharing the joy of live theatre, music, dance and visual arts with Albertans of all ages, as well as sharing her unnatural love of Corey Hart with anyone who will listen.

Associate Director, Education