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About Us


To tr​ansform teaching and le​​a​​rning ​​by i​​ncreasing student engagement through community, funder, and educatio​nal partnerships.


Each student exp​eriences p​​​ersonalized learning within a connected com​mu​nity.

Campus Calgary/Open Minds is an innovative curriculum-based program that moves the classroom into the community for an entire week.  

The experience is a catalyst for learning activities that occur throughout the year.  Classroom teachers work closely with community experts to custom design a week that meets individual needs. The program length, the deep thinking about first-hand experiences that go beyond curricular lines and the time to reflect, help take learning to new heights.

The Campus Calgary/Open Minds experience truly opens the minds of students, giving them a clearer idea of the role they play in the world around them.  They become an informed and involved member of their community.  Once back in the classroom, students apply their understandings beyond their local setting to national and global communities.

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In the Campus Calgary/Open Minds model, funding partners, community sites and education institutions collectively share the responsibility and privilege of ensuring that the philosophical tenants of the program are upheld.  These groups are inextricably linked such that if one group wants to make a change, the ripples of that change are felt by the others.  Open communication betw​een all members of the collaboration is essential and annual Face to Face meetings ensure the rich relationships.


Campus Calgary / Open Minds Advisors. Sanghamitra Dhar McKenty (CBE), Allison Shulz (Calgary Foundation), Jennifer Meredith (CBE), Andrea Holowka (CCSD), Frank McClernon (CCSD), Ita Kistorma (CCSD), Bill Dickson (Community), Donna Livingstone (Glenbow Museum), Jeannie Everett (CBE), Judy Archer(Community), Chris Lough (Community), Leanne Courchesne (Cenovus), Travis Robertson (CBE), Graham Thomson (Community), Trish Savill (Community), absent Lorelei Piotto (Chevron).

Implementing the Open Minds Education Concept in Your Community Guide

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Jennifer Meredith

Learning Leader
Campus Calgary/Open Minds
Phone: 403.817.7510
​Cell: 403.819.5917
Email: jlmeredith@cbe.ab.ca​​​​​​

Natasha McKay

Learning Leader
Campus Calgary/Open Minds ​
Phone: 403.817.7583
Email: nnmckay@cbe.ab.ca​​​​​

Selina Kruchten

Campus Calgary/Open Minds
Phone: 403.615.8376
Email: selina.kruchten@cssd.ab.ca​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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Calgary Catholic School District

St. Paul Centre
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