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Library School



At Library School, students and teachers are invited to shape their experience around a central inquiry that is inspired by 5 floors of story at the New Central Library. Whether at the automated handling machine, behind-the-scenes in Calgary’s Story, the Library’s local history collection, in the Make It Messy studio, the AV media labs, or lost among the shelves of books and resources, Library School students will be invited to meet library staff, practicing artists, authors-in-residence and other experts to learn from them while they work.

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Anna Dunne-Hussey

Coordinator of Library School

Anna Dunne-Hussey (B.F.A., B.Ed.) is a self proclaimed lifelong learner with over 15 years experience in outreach education. She loves sharing stories, reading books (especially from the children’s collection!) and is eager to share with students the same sense of curiosity that the library has instilled in her.









Calgary Central Library

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