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​Campus Calgary / Open Minds is an innovative school program that brings the classroom to vibrant community settings. Teachers, students and community experts come together for a week-long curriculum-based experience, designed to meet the needs of each individual learner. The result is a catalyst for learning activities throughout the year that inspire and promote critical thinking and problem solving.


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Campus Calgary/Open Minds is an innovative curriculum-based program,  for ALL Calgary students, that moves the classroom into the community for an entire week.  The experience is a catalyst for learning activities that occur throughout the year.  Classroom teachers work closely wi​th community experts to custom design a week that meets individual needs.  

The Campus Calgary/Open Minds experience truly opens the minds of students, giving them a clearer idea of the role they play in the world around them.

Students become informed and involved members of their community.  Once back in the classroom, students are well on their way to becoming Engaged Thinkers and Ethical Citizens with an Entrepren​eurial Spirit, who contribute to a strong and prosperous economy and society.​


We are so grateful for our dedicated funders who understand and contribute to the needs of community and education.  By funding Campus Calgary/Open Minds, organizations give back to their community, enhance employee engagement, and meet community investment goals.

By investing in this innovative educational program funders partner with school districts and community sites, to work collaboratively so that all Calgarians can benefit.

Learning can happen anywhere and anytime when we are connected.  We are reminded, “It is important to ask good questions and have a use for the answer” – student.

Imagine the possibilities! ​​

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