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City EcoAction School


City EcoAction School




Ralph ​Klein Park

City EcoAction School provides students and teachers with skills that contribute to a healthy and caring city by connecting to urban parks and natural areas. Environmental sustainability is promoted at a community level by encouraging the application of sustainable ‘eco-actions’. This program fosters engaged and informed citizens who can make eco-friendly choices for Calgary’s future.

Ideas for inspiration could include:

  • Examine environmental topics including human-wildlife interactions, watershed stewardship, and biodiversity
  • Connect students to nature through inquiry-based outdoor learning experiences
  • Explore the value of Calgary’s urban parks and the importance of wetland ecosystems
  • Analyze environmental issues and develop solutions from a multidimensional lens​

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"I learned things I had no idea about, and I thought I was fairly well educated about the environmentally friendly way of doing things. - Teacher "


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