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City EcoAction School


City EcoAction School




Ralph Klein Park or Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

City EcoAction School provides students and teachers with skills that contribute to a healthy and caring city by connecting to urban parks and natural areas. Environmental sustainability is promoted at a community level by encouraging the application of sustainable ‘eco-actions’. This program fosters engaged and informed citizens who can make eco-friendly choices for Calgary’s future.

Ideas for inspiration could include:

  • Examine environmental topics including human-wildlife interactions, watershed stewardship, and biodiversity
  • Connect students to nature through inquiry-based outdoor learning experiences
  • Explore the value of Calgary’s urban parks and the importance of wetland ecosystems
  • Analyze environmental issues and develop solutions from a multidimensional lens​

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"I learned things I had no idea about, and I thought I was fairly well educated about the environmentally friendly way of doing things. - Teacher "


Leah Elford (she, her, hers)

With a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and Environmental Studies, and over eight years teaching programs with Calgary Parks, Leah is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the natural world. She has also spent time developing programs for Parks Canada, The Calgary Horticultural Society and Girl Guides of Canada. Leah is an avid explorer, birder and naturalist, who believes in building connections with the natural world, but also in building on-going relationships to the landscape. You can regularly find her in the garden, hiking with her husband and two dogs, or canoeing down the river.



 Location - Ralph Klein Park


 Location - Inglewood Bird Sanctuary


2425 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
T2G 4T4.




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