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Stampede School


A landmark of Alberta’s rich history, Stampede Park offers a unique environment for teachers and students to participate in experiences that cultivate appreciation of western heritage and values. At Stampede School, students work alongside experts, making the past come alive, the present relevant and the future full of possibilities.
Ideas for inspiration could include:

  • Interacting with a professional horse trainer and her equine partners
  • Exploring the rich culture of the First Nations
  • Discovering western culture through the eyes of artists, cowboys, and poets
  • Investigating Alberta's changing agricultural industry

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Thank you sincerely for offering this outstanding learning opportunity to these young students of Calgary. You have truly helped them create memories about the Stampede and the Stampede Grounds that will last a lifetime. These fortunate students will see the Stampede through different eyes every time they attend


Andrew Morrow

Andrew is an energetic educator with a passion for sustainability, agriculture, technology, and music. He is a life-long learner and loves bringing the history of Calgary alive and sharing his passion of the Stampede with students. When he’s not working he enjoys growing his own food as well as camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.


Angus Docherty

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