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Glenbow Museum School on Hiatus

Applying for Museum School? We are currently on hiatus!

Thank you for your interest in the Glenbow Museum School program. We are currently putting our program on hold while the Glenbow Museum is closed for our exciting and extensive building renovations.

This hiatus will begin in September 2021 with plans to welcome you back to Glenbow in the fall of 2024.

Please connect again in January 2024 for updates about applications, our reimagined programming, and of course our newly renovated building and Museum School classroom!

Looking forward to seeing you again in our beautiful new space!

Celebrating 25 years of Museum School in 2020

​Stories come alive when artifacts disclose their secrets.  Museum School opens the door to Glenbow’s world-class exhibits where students will see the brushstrokes in a painting and feel the stitching in a moccasin.  Glenbow experiences are designed to inspire curiosity and engage all learners.

Ideas for inspiration could include:

  • Using Art and Objects to Practice Imaginative Learning 
  • Connecting the Stories of the Past to the Present
  • Exploring the Blackfoot Way of Life
  • Becoming a Global Citizen​

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