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Building & Modernizing Schools

School Projects

​With the tremendous increase in Calgary's population in the last five years and many families deciding to live in new suburban communities, our need for new schools has never been greater. We also need to modernize many of our existing schools, many of which are more than 40 years old, to meet the learning needs of 21st century learners.

Visit the pages below to learn more about our current capital projects.


 New Construction


School Facilities Opening 2016-17

These schools are currently operating in existing school facilities.

image coming soon

Aspen Woods | Dr. Roberta Bondar School

Opened | Jan. 2017
Grades | K-4 (year 1); K-5 (year 2); K-6 (year 3)
Principal | Laine Mulholland

image coming soon

Christine Meikle School

Opened | Jan. 2017
Grades | Exceptional Needs 7-12
Replacement School

image coming soon

Cranston | Dr. George Stanley School*

Opened | Jan. 2017
Grades | 4-8 (year 1); 4-9 (year 2)
Principal | Patty Numan

image coming soon

Elbow Park School

Opened | Feb. 2017
Replacement School

image coming soon

McKenzie Towne | McKenzie Highlands School

Anticipated Opening Date | Mar. 2017
Grades | 5-8 (year 1); 5-9 (year 2)
Principal | Kel Connelly

New Brighton School Architeral Design

New Brighton/Copperfield | Dr. Martha Cohen School

Opend | Mar. 2017
Grades | 5-8 (year 1); 5-9 (year 2)
Principal | Jason Hartl

image coming soon

Saddle Ridge | Hugh A. Bennett School 

Opened | Dec. 2016
Grades |  K-4
Principal | Lisa Nachtigal

image coming soon

Tuscany | Eric Harvie School 

 Opened | Jan. 2017
Grades | K-3 (year 1); K-4 or K-5 (year 2)
Principal | Lorraine Kinsman

image coming soon

West Springs/Cougar Ridge | West Ridge School*

Opened | Jan. 2017
Grades |  5-8 (year 1); 5-9 (year 2)
Principal | Ryan O’Shaughnessy

​Schools Opening 2017-18

Evergreen School

Evergreen | Marshall Springs School

Anticipated Opening Date | Sept. 2017
Grades | 4-8 (year 1); 4-9 (year 2)
Principal | Shawn O’Neill

image coming soon

Martindale | Manmeet Singh Bhullar School

Anticipated Opening Date | Sep. 2017
Grades | K-5

Nelson Mandela High School

Northeast | Nelson Mandela High School

(Gymnasium Construction)


Silverado Architectural Drawing

Silverado | Ron Southern School

Anticipated Opening Date | Sep. 2017
Grades | K-4

image coming soon

Springbank Hill/Discovery Ridge | Griffith Woods School

Anticipated Opening Date | Sep. 2017
Grades | K-9

​Schools Opening 2018-19

image coming soon

Southeast High School

Anticipated Opening Date | Sep. 2018
Grades | 10-12

*West Springs/Cougar Ridge Middle School and Cranston Middle School were originally approved as starter schools and were scheduled to be completed in September 2016. However, they have now been approved to be fully built schools and as a result are scheduled to be completed in January 2017.



High schools collaborate to personalize student programs

Our modernization plans are based on a fiscally responsible allocation of resources to provide enhanced facilities and increased learning opportunities across the CBE.

Our high schools work together, providing students access to specialized facilities. See Career and Technology Studies and Knowledge & Employability Pathways by high school facilities.

All students will continue to have a “home” school that offers all core curriculum courses and provides many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The modernizations at Bowness, Jack James, James Fowler, and Lord Beaverbrook High Schools will increase the flexible program options that high school students can access. Providing a variety of CTS and K&E occupational courses at high schools across Calgary gives our students enhanced opportunities to complete a program that is of interest to them and may be part of their intended career path.


 Other Projects


The first step in building or modernizing a school is receiving funding for the work. Funding for CBE school construction and modernization projects is solely granted by the Alberta Government. Annually, we provide Alberta Education with a list of our building and modernization priorities, along with every other school district in the province. This list of priorities is part of our Three-Year School Capital Plan, which is approved by the Board of Trustees.

The Three-Year School Capital Plan contains information on your community, including whether your community is listed, its ranking, how the rankings are determined and the breakdown of each project’s ranking.

See Criteria for School Capital Planning Priorities for details on how we rank projects.

Modular Classrooms

​Each year the CBE submits a request for modular classroom units to Alberta Education.

Working with our Community

During the process of building or modernizing a school, we seek feedback from CBE families, future CBE families, school staff and neighbours in the community. Public engagement opportunities will take place throughout each project. Updates will be posted on each school project page.

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