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Brightspace Parent Login Access​​

Parent Access to Brightspace

There are two ways to log in and learn about your child's learning in Brightspace:

  1. MyCBE login (parent access) - Personal parent access to Brightspace via MyCBE will allow you to see a summarized view of your child's overdue items, upcoming work, recent grades, student created Portfolio items shared by the teacher, and news and homework reminders from the activity feed. You can also sign up to receive a weekly email notification of your child’s activity in Brightspace. From the Brightspace login page, click the “Sign In” button under Parents.
  2. Student login (student access) - You are encou​raged to sit alongside your child as they log into Brightspace to have meaningful conversations around their learning and work. Course content, news items and homework will be accessible in this way. From the Brightspace login page, have your child click the “Sign In” button under CBE Students and Staff.

Please contact your child’s school with any questions around your MyCBE account. 
Check out our Parent FAQs.
Please contact your child's teacher for more information on whether they use Brightspace, how they use it in their classroom, or any questions you have around viewing your child’s work.

Parent Access to MyCBE

  1. From the Brightspace login page, click the “Sign In” button under Parents.
  2. Log into MyCBE to be taken directly into Brightspace, or create an account then click on the Brightspace icon.
  3. Once in Brightspace you will see the new Brightspace for Parents view.

  1. Overdue Items display your child’s activities that have not been completed and are past their due date. 
  2. Upcoming Work displays your child’s activities that are upcoming in the next 2-week period. To view all upcoming or past work,  select ”View all work” then use the week selector to find the work based on due date.
  3. Recent Grades display your child’s four most recent grade items from the Brightspace gradebook. To view all released grade items,  select ”View all grades”.
  4. Portfolio Items display work created by your child in the Portfolio tool and shared to parents by the teacher.
  5. Latest Posts display classroom activity feed posts, links and attachments from the teacher. You will not be able to view comments on posts, or course material.

NOTE: Teachers may not be using all of these Brightspace tools in their classroom. Talk to your child’s teacher to learn more.

You also have an option to subscribe to weekly email notifications which are delivered Saturdays at 8am.