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Google Workspace - ​System Requirements​


Operating System and Browser Versions

Google Workspace tools such as Meet, Classroom, Docs, Slides..etc are supported on the following devices/browsers;

The 2 previous major releases of the following Operating Systems;

  • Apple® mac OS®   and  mac iOS®   (ipads/iphones)
  • Microsoft® Windows®
  • Chrome OS

Using the most current versions of the following browsers;

  • Chrome Browser - Recommended Browser
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

Or using the most current versions of Google Workspace​ mobile apps on mobile devices.

Special Notes

  • On ipads, Google Workspace tools can be used using mobile apps or within a browser.  They both work.  Either can be used.
  • On Chromebooks, Google Workspace tools use the Chrome Browser there are no mobile apps for Google Workspace​.
  • Older devices may encounter issues using Google Workspace as older ipads, chromebooks, tablets or computers will not be able to receive the most current versions of the operating systems, browsers or mobile apps.   

Other Browser Settings

  • Cookies must be enabled on the browser for many login methods to work.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Should you have issues using Google Workspace tools, try another browser or a mobile app if applicable.
  • Chrome is the recommended Browser.​

More Help:

Students contact your teacher or school office for help.
Students learning from home can contact Parent Technical Support for performance, connection, and login issues. ​​​​