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G Suite for Education - Access Isn’t Forever ​

Student CBE Google Accounts are not forever

  • When you leave the CBE or graduate you will immediately lose access to your CBE Google account including your files and email, and they will be deleted. 
  • After you leave the CBE, you can NOT be granted access to retrieve your files or email.  

Before you leave;     

  1. Correct important applications and services that you may have mistakenly used your CBE Google Account with. Examples include; signing up to them using your CBE Google Account, assigning your CBE email address as recovery email, or using your CBE email for important registration correspondence such as for Post Secondary School.

  2. Take a copy of your items or change ownership to others if needed. Google has tools to help you, including: 
    • Individual Download – If there are only a few things you want to keep, including items shared with you, download a copy of individual files or folders. Download individual items 
    • Forward important emails to another personal email account. Forward emails 
    • Transfer your content – copy your Drive and Email files to a personal Google account. Transfer files 
    • Download to a zip file- download a copy of everything owned by you into one compressed file using the Archive/Takeout Tool. Download using Takeout 
    • Change Ownership  -  If others will need to use files you own, you can transfer ownership to someone else at CBE in sharing options, or they can take a copy for themselves. Change ownership ​​