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About Google Workspace for Education at CBE​


Google Workspace for Education is an online environment that supports learning in the classroom.  Students can always access their work from any device with an internet connection and can easily collaborate and share.

Use Google Workspace for Learning

Calgary Board of Education students receive a Google Workspace for Education account ending in to support their classroom learning while they attend the CBE, not for personal data. Students, talk to your teacher to be sure you understand how Google Workspace is used for learning in your classroom:

  1. DO use it for Classroom Learning (assignments, research, collaborating with others, or communicating with your teachers).
  2. DO NOT use it for personal data (music, game subscriptions, social media logins, personal email/files/photos/videos, post-secondary applications)
  3. Access isn’t forever. Students, you automatically lose access to your Google Workspace for Education account when you graduate or leave the CBE. Take your CBE Google Workspace for Education data with you before you lose access. 
  4. Storage space is limited. Students, review your data in Google Drive and remove old or personal data.  Manage your Google Workspace for Education data

CBE Help pages:

Google’s Help:

Google Workspace for Education is different than regular Google. It is ad-free and includes the following Google educational services/tools: Classroom, Meet, Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets,Calendar, Gmail, Sites, Groups, Keep, Jamboard, and CS First.

More Help:

Students contact your teacher or school office for help.
Students learning from home can contact Parent Technical Support for performance, connection, and login issues. ​​​​​​​​​

Check the CBE System Status to see if there is a service outage.​​​​