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Google Workspace - Create the Guardian Email Summaries ​


Guardian Email Summaries are just one option in which teachers can choose to communicate with parents around the activities in their Classroom. Please contact your child’s teacher to learn more about parent communication. If your child’s teacher chooses to use Guardian Email Summaries in their Classroom, then parents can receive Guardian Email Summaries.

Guardian Email Summaries 

As a legal guardian, you may have the option to receive email summaries about your child’s activity in Google Classroom. Guardian Email Summaries include: 

  • *Missing work—Work not turned in when the summary was sent. 
  • *Upcoming work— Daily emails include work that is due today and tomorrow, or weekly emails include work that is due in the upcoming week. 
  • Class activities—Announcements, assignments, and questions recently posted by teachers. 

*As PowerSchool is the official tool for communicating assessment information, teachers are not expected to be using Google Classroom to communicate this information (e.g., assignments, due dates, submissions).

Guardian Email Summaries do NOT include the ability for you to access and browse the Stream, Classwork, People, or Grades pages in Google Classroom. You are encouraged to sit alongside your child as they log into Google Classroom to have meaningful conversations around their learning and work. You can view your child’s grades in PowerSchool. 

View an example of a Guardian Email invite​

View an example of a Guardian Email Summary​

How to Receive Guardian Email Summaries 

Starting September 28, Guardian Email invitations will be sent to the parent’s email address used in PowerSchool.  

  • By clicking Accept, you are agreeing to receive weekly Guardian Email Summaries if your child’s teacher is using this way to communicate with parents. (Invites will expire in 120 days) 
  • You will begin receiving weekly Guardian Email Summaries​ from your child’s classrooms every Friday around 4:30pm if your child’s teacher has enabled this feature. 

How to Change the Frequency of Guardian Email Summaries 

Guardian Email Summaries are sent out weekly (everyFriday around 4:30 PM). The frequency of Email Summaries can only be changed if the parent is using a Gmail email address in PowerSchool. You can contact the school to change your PowerSchool email address if you choose. 

For parents using a Gmail email address: 

  • Log into your gmail account (which matches what is in Powerschool).  
  • Open up any Guardian Email Summary you have received. 
  • At the bottom of the Guardian Email Summary, click Settings
  • Under Frequency, click the down arrow and choose when to receive summaries: 
    • Weekly 
    • Daily (Monday–Friday) *This option is only available if using a Google email address. 
    • No summaries 
    • Under Timezone, click the down arrow select your time zone. 

Not Receiving an Guardian Email Invitation

If your child’s teacher is opting to use Guardian Email summaries to communicate with parents, and you did NOT receive a Guardian Email invite: 

  • Check the spam folder in your email program for the Guardian Email invite. 
  • Be sure to look for the Guardian Email invite in your email address entered in PowerSchool. 
  • It may take up to 2 weeks for all the Guardian Email invites to be sent out. 
  • Teachers can re-send Guardian Email invite if it was not received, but only to the parents' email used in PowerSchool and only if the parent is a legal guardian. 

Not Receiving the Weekly Email Summaries 

If you are NOT Receiving Weekly Guardian Email Summaries 

  • Confirm with your child’s teacher that they are using Guardian Email Summaries to communicate with parents around Classroom activities.
  • Confirm that you have accepted the Guardian Email invite.
  • Weekly emails will be sent every Friday at 4:30pm.  
  • Confirm that the frequency of the Guardian Email Summaries is not set to “no summaries” (if using a Gmail email address – see above for more details on changing frequency) 

You will not receive a Guardian Email Summary if: 

  • Your child’s teacher is not using Guardian Email Summaries to communicate with parents.
  • There's no activity to report for the given time period. 
  • You accepted the invitation but chose not to get any summaries.  
  • You are not connected to any student in Google Classroom. (As the parent, you must be connected to the student in PowerSchool) 

How to Stop Receiving Email Summaries 

If you are using a Google email address, then follow the instructions above for “How to Change the frequency of Email Summaries and change the frequency to “No summaries”. 
Otherwise, you can click Unsubscribe at the bottom of any Email Summary to stop the Email Summaries from being sent to your email inbox. If you wish to start receiving the summaries again at a future date, please contact your child’s teacher to have them re-send an invite to you.  ​​​​​​​​​​