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​MyCBE - Student Fees and Service Registration​


Fee Management System​

We’ve made it even easier for you to register for CBE services and pay fees. You can now sign up for services like transportation or lunch supervision, pay fees and view or print receipts and statements for all of your children in one, central location. The new system is mobile-friendly and works with your smartphone or tablet.

You still access the system through MyCBE. If you don’t have a MyCBE account, learn how to create one here.

Step 1: Sign In

Parents can access their children's accounts online to apply for waivers, pay fees, register for central services, view past receipts and print account statements. 

To access the student fees system, login to My CBE from your computer's web browser.

Step 2: Select Student Fees & Services Registration

From the left navigation menu, select Fees, Waivers & Service Registration.

The Student Fees system will display in a new browser window

Step 3: View Your Child’s Individual Account

  1. Shows which student you are viewing
  2. Shows current charges
  3. Fees are listed by type here
  4. Click this box to add the fee to the cart for payment
  5. Lists all forms available to the student
  6. Click the shopping cart to proceed to payment


You can click In Cart for each student and then go to your shopping cart when done to view all charges and process payment.

Once the shopping cart is clicked, all added fees will appear with payment options.


How to Request a Waiver

To request a waiver, click on the child you wish to apply for, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select Central Waiver. For more information on waivers, view the application guidelines on the CBE Website.

Click to access and fill out the Central Waiver form.


How to Register for Yellow School Bus Service

To register for school bus service, click on your child's first name, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select Transportation Forms. Be sure to select the forms for the correct school year. Any school bus service available to your child will appear. To apply, click on the form you want, e.g., Mandated, Non-Mandated or Conditional Rider (some forms only show at certain times of the year).


Complete the form and click on the Submit button.

We use the primary home address, school and grade in MyCBE to plan a bus route. 

To update your information, contact your school.


Visit Busing and Transportation for more information.

Visit Fees & Waivers to learn how to pay school fees.

How to View Other Services Like Lunch Supervison

If your child is eligible for other services such as Lunch Supervision, you can access those forms at the bottom of each child’s screen. For Lunch Supervision for students in grades 1 to 6, scroll down, click on Lunch Supervision and then click on the form to register.


How to View Completed Forms

Once complete, you can view submitted forms under Completed Forms.


How to Manage Payment Cards, View and Print Tax Receipts

Under the menu, you can manage payment cards, view and print receipts (including tax receipts), view and print statements or sign out of your account. Receipts prior to the 2019/20 school year will not be visible in the system.



For more information, view the MyCBE Technical Support page.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​