Brightspace Student FAQ​




I can't see a course or new school after I log in.

Talk to your teacher.  You may need to be enrolled before you can see your course or the course may not yet be active.

Assignments dropbox – I'm having trouble submitting my assignment.

  • Be sure your file name is less than 30 characters long and does NOT contain spaces or characters like " * / : < > ? \ | -
  • Be sure your file has a compatible file extension (such as .doc, .jpeg, .mp4 or .pdf) Check your file types on the system requirements page.
  • Try a different browser, device or internet connection.
  • Check your internet connection and chose the strongest, fastest connection available to you.
  • For larger files,
    • There is a 150MB file size limit.
    • Try zipping the file before uploading it to your dropbox. 
    • For large PowerPoint presentations, try compressing pictures.
    • Upload your file to Google Drive and then submit your file from there to the Assignments folder in Brightspace. If you don’t see Google Drive from the Assignments folder, ask your teacher for help.
  • Be sure to click "Submit" and view the confirmation popup.
  • Ask your teacher for help.

I can’t see any Content topics at all, what can I do?

Brightspace requires the newest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge to open content. Chrome is recommended. Try updating your device to any of these browsers newest versions. Some older devices, such as older ipads may not be able to update to the newest Browser versions. If your device won’t update try another device/computer or contact your teacher to let them know.

Where can I find help with Virtual Classroom support

Support can be found on our virtual classroom page.​​​

Enable Notifications

Students can choose to receive email or text message notifications from Brightspace about their due dates, new content items, discussions, assignments, ePortfolio, quizzes, grades, announcements and more.

To watch a video of how to set up notifications by email or mobile, click here.   

Troubleshoot - Not receiving SMS verification code?  Double-check that the cell number and mobile carrier entered is correct.  Check with your carrier that your service supports SMS (text) notifications.

Please note:  email notifications will show as coming from D2Lnotifications(at)cbe.ab.ca and this is a no-reply email where replies are not received.

Is Brightspace access forever?

When you leave the CBE or graduate, you will lose access to all of your courses and school work in Brightspace by D2L. Download your work from your Locker or ePortfolio (from your Brightspace homepage under the “Student Tools” tab) BEFORE you leave.  

Stay safe / Don't get hacked

Check out these safety tips from Google for ideas including:

  • Use a strong password, and never share your password.
  • Always log out of Brightspace when you leave your computer.  Don't just close your browser.
  • Set up your computer, laptop, tablet or phone to automatically lock with a PIN when it goes to sleep.

If you think your account was hacked, tell your teacher or principal right away so they can help you. If you know it, also change your password as soon as possible with the Student Password Hub.

If you f​eel that someone is acting inappropriately online or you are feeling unsafe, talk to your someone you trust such as your teacher or principal as soon as possible. Cyber-bullying is never OK.

Where do I go for help using Brightspace?