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Brightsp​ace Student Login Help


Login Help

Student log in help

Are you​ new to the CBE?

  • If you are new to CBE and don't know your password, ask your teacher for your initial password. 
  • You will need to change your password before you log in to CBE applications like Brightspace or G Suite for Education for the first time unless your school tells you otherwise.
  • If you need to change your password use the Student Password Hub .

What’s my use​rname?

  • CBE students log in to Brightspace with their student ID number.
  • Your teacher or school staff can tell you your student ID number.
  • Some students may have dash and code at the end of their student ID which is not used to log on to Brightspace.  For example, log on to your school computer with 99991234-972, then log on to Brightspace with 99991234.

I don’t know (or forgot) my pa​ssword.  

  • Your Brightspace password is your CBE network pass​word.
  • If you already set up a recovery email in your Student Password Hub profile, you can reset your own password.
  • Talk to your teacher.  School staff have access to tools to help you reset your passwords.

How do I change my pas​sword?

Use the Student Password Hub to: 

    • Change your password 
    • Set up a profile with a recovery email in case you forget your password.   

You can also use other computer tools to change your password; 

    • On a CBE Windows computer on the CBE network:  CTRL ALT Delete > Change Password  
    • On a CBE Mac computer on the CBE network: System Preferences > Security and Privacy 

I know my username and password but it is not accepted.

If you know you have the right username and password, make sure you have cookies enabled on your browser. Cookies need to be enabled to authenticate you.​

What if I’m still having issues logging in?

  • If you see the message "invalid username and/or password" use the Student Password Hub to change your password.
  • If changing your password doesn’t work, talk to your teacher.  Your teacher can get help for you. 
  • If you are a student at CBe-learn school or Chinook Learning Services, please go to their websites for help.​​