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SchoolEngage​ - CBE Student ID Number

​​After the school has successfully processed your form, approved the registration and completed all registration processes, you should see the CBE student ID number (CBE ID) in the student profile. ​


Step 1: Select Your Student

Select the student from the Students menu.


Step 2: View Profile for CBE ID

The CBE ID can now be found in the profile after the student’s name and birth date.


Note | Please ensure that the status on your form is Approved prior to contacting the school.


Step 3: Adding the Student to MyCBE / PowerSchool Account​

You will now want to use the CBE ID that you found in the above steps to create a MyCBE account or to add your student to your existing MyCBE account.

Important | MyCBE provides online access to the following services:

  • View your children's academic information (schedule, grades and attendance)
  • View your children's learning activities using Brightspace by D2L
  • Register for transportation and noon supervision
  • Pay fees and request fee waivers
  • Book school conferences

Option 1 – Already have a MyCBE account

If you already have a MyCBE account, add your child to your existing account by following these steps:

Option 2 – Do not have a MyCBE account

If you do not have a MyCBE account, you will need to create a MyCBE account and add your child/children to your account by following these steps: