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This site is to provide students and parents with basic help getting starte​d around supported technologies and tools at the Calgary Board of Education. For further assistance, please contact your teacher at your school who can better assist you with your specific questions around how the technologies are being used in the classroom.

MyCBE provides parents, students and staff seamless access to information and transactions using a modern and effective technology platform.

Our new student information system now includes, viewing academic information (schedule, grade and attendance), viewing learning activities using Brightspace by D2L, registering for transportation and lunch supervision, paying fees, requesting waivers and booking school conferences. 

Support for MyCBE​​​​


Brightspace (formerly known as D2L) is a secure, password-protected environment that provides students, teachers, and parents with collaboration, communication, and assessment tools to support student learning inside and outside of the classroom. It is accessible from anywhere, on any device. Brightspace is very flexible and therefore can be used in a variety of ways in CBE schools. Please be sure to talk to your teacher to better understand the use and expectations of Brightspace in your classroom and school.

Support for Brightspace​​​​​​​​

SchoolEngage is a form management system that simplifies the exchange of information between home and school. As of January 2022, parents, legal guardians and independent students in The Calgary Board of Education are able to complete forms. A picture or scan of required documents (e.g., birth certificate) can be uploaded to the platform using mobile devices and computers.

The first forms to be made available in this platform are Grades 1-12 and ECS-Kindergarten forms for regular program registration (2022-23 school year). Over the next several years, the majority of student forms will be transitioned to SchoolEngage.

The platform offers many new benefits.

  • The person who owns the information, inputs the information.
  • Increased accuracy of entered information.
  • Clear, step-by-step online process.
  • As forms begin to move online, families will be able to review and track forms (less missing pieces of paper stuffed in the backpack).
  • Significant reduction in paper use.​

Support for SchoolEngage​​​​​​​​​​


CBE’s Google Workspace is an online environment that supports student-centered, personalized learning inside and outside of the classroom. Student work can be easily shared and is accessible anywhere and on any device, as long as there is an internet connection. Please be sure to talk to your teacher to better understand the use and expectations of Google Workspace in your classroom and school.

Google Workspace is different than regular Gmail. Google Workspace for CBE students is ad-free and includes the following services/tools: Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Sites, Groups, Photos and Keep.

Support for Google Workspace​​​​​​