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Google Workspace for Education - Student Sign In Help​


Student Sign In is​sues

For Teachers​- log in an​d FAQ

See Teacher log in and FAQ to help you and your students use Gmail and G Suite (CBE Staff login required).​

First time users need to:

Be sure your CBE network password is at least 8 characters long. If you need to change your password use the Student Password Hub.

Log in to Google / G Suite / Gmail with your CBE email ending in

What’s my username / email?

You can see your own CBE Gmail address: Log in to D2L, click on your name, click Account Settings, and look under the Email tab.​

Your teacher or school staff can tell you your CBE email from D2L, Powerschool or the Student Account Tool.

Your parent can find your Student ID and Gmail address by signing into MyCBE / PowerSchool parent portal.

I don’t know (or forgot) my password

  • Your CBE Gmail password is your CBE network password.
  • If you already set up a recovery email in your Student Password Hub profile, you can reset your own password.
  • Talk to your teacher.  School staff have access to tools to help you reset your passwords.
  • Students learning from home can contact Parent Technical Support for performance, connection, and login issues. ​​​

How do I change my password?

*Note that your password must be at least 8 characters long.
Use the Student Password Hub to:

  • Change your password
  • Set up a profile with a recovery email in case you forget your password.  

You can also use other computer tools to change your password;

  • On a CBE Windows computer on the CBE network:  CTRL ALT Delete > Change Password
  • On a CBE Mac computer on the CBE network: System Preferences > Security and Privacy

Google says: Your account has been disabled

Your account can become disabled by Google or by your school.  

  • Google:  Sometimes Google may disable your account.  Change your password using the Student Password Hub ​to re-enable your account.
  • Your school:  If changing your password doesn’t work, ask your teacher.  Staff at your school with access to the Student Account Tool can re-enable it.  

Google says: Sorry Google doesn’t recognize that email

Be sure you are using the right email address ending in to log in.

Talk to your teacher.  Your teacher can help check in the Student Account Tool that your username for google has not changed.

Students learning from home can contact Parent Technical Support for performance, connection, and login issues. ​​​

Google says: Wrong password. Try again or click Forgot password to reset it.

There could be a problem with your network password. Change your CBE network password using the Student Password Hub. Be sure your password is at least 8 characters. Changing passwords can fix many odd technical issues.

Also be sure you have cookies enabled on your browser. In some cases, your password will not be accepted if cookies are blocked.

If you still have issues connect with your teacher. Your teacher can help you get a temporary network password.

Students learning from home can contact Parent Technical Support for performance, connection, and login issues. ​​​

Google asks me for my phone number

Google wants to keep your account secure and be sure that YOU are accessing your account but phone numbers aren’t always the best way to verify student accounts, especially for younger students without cell phones.  

Sometimes you can click “skip” or “done” without entering a phone number but if there is no other way past this message, change your password using the  Student Password Hub​ or use CBE computer password tools to clear this prompt.​

Google says: My password changed xx hours/days ago

If you see this login error, it can mean that your Google Password was mistakenly reset through automated system processes, while your CBE network password remained the same. To fix this, change your network password using the Student Password Hub. This will retrigger the password synching with CBE and Google systems. Your CBE network and CBE Google Password will then both be the new password. Be sure your new password is at least 8 characters for Google to accept it.​​​​​​