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Brightspace Virtual Classroom​

​​Virtual Classroom is an online scheduled meeting in Brightspace where students and their teacher can present, communicate and collaborate using livestream video.

Students, if your teacher uses this tool you can join your Virtual Classroom session from the links your teacher created in your course. Contact your teacher if you have questions.

Virtual Classroom Browser Requirements

  • Mac or PC  with  the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft, Edge .    
  • Android/Chromebooks – Latest version of Chrome  (students wont be able to share full desktops if needed,  just their application window )
  • Cookies enabled 
  • 3rd party cookies allowed 
  • Pop ups allowed
  • Allow microphone access, camera access​​

iOS xx does not allow desktop sharing.
iOS 12 is not recommended due to software defects that prevents launching a session.
iOS 13.4 is not recommended due to software defects that prevents receiving webcam, audio and desktop sharing from others. This issue is scheduled to be fixed by the vendor late May 2020.

Browser Tips

Authentication errors - ​If Authentication errors are experienced when launching Virtual Classroom on a supported browser, be sure that cookies are enabled and 3rd party cookies are not blocked (you can change it back after the session if you wish)​.  ​ See screenshot


Audio and Video Tips

Please take a look a these help article

Please connect with your teacher if you need more assistance.


For more help, contact us:

We will not ask you for this information, but please have it available so that you can log in:

  • Student ID
  • Student Email
  • Student Password​