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Brightspace Virtual Classroom​

Virtual Classroom is an online scheduled meeting in Brightspace where students and their teacher can present, communicate and collaborate using livestream video.

Students, if your teacher uses this tool you can join your Virtual Classroom session from the links your teacher created in your course. Contact your teacher if you have questions.

Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments - Learner Guide by D2L 

Virtual Classroom Device and Browser Requirements

The following setups are required to use Virtual Classroom;

Device and Browser

  • Mac or PC -  latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge  (not Safari)
  • Android/Chromebooks -  latest version of Chrome
  • iPad or iPhone -  latest version of the OS with Safari (not Chrome).

    Ipad Notes:
    • iPad and iPhone using OS 12x will not be able to  launch sessions.

Browser Settings  

  • All Browsers - Cookies enabled and Pop-ups allowed
  • Additional Chrome Settings -  Enable “3rd party cookies allowed" 
  • Additional Safari Settings - Disable "Prevent Cross -Site Tracking" and on iPad/iPhone disable "Request Desktop Website"

Connection Tips

Authentication errors, loading errors and other symptoms can occur when trying to connect if your Browser settings are not setup properly.

Please See How to check your Browser settings by Bongo

Audio and Video Tips

Be sure you are using the supported Browser for your device. Please take a look at these help articles for more assistance.