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Google Workspace​ - ​Stop unwanted Email


CBE Gmail is filtered for spam and phishing by both Google and CBE. These unwanted emails will either be deleted before it gets to your inbox, or will skip your inbox and be moved to your spam folder, where it is deleted automatically after 30 days.

If some of these emails get through, or you get other unwanted emails in your inbox you can use Google’s own tools to stop receiving them.

Unsubscribe or Block – If you signed up on sites that sends lots of emails, you can use the unsubscribe link to stop getting these emails. It can take a few days before the emails will stop coming. When you block a sender, future messages they send will go to your Spam folder instead of your inbox. Learn How

Mark it as Spam – This option reports the email to Google to minimize future occurrences and will send it to the spam folder. Learn how

Mark it as Phishing - This option, reports the email to Google to minimize future occurrences and sends it to the spam folder. Learn how.

Create Filters – Filtering is another way to make a rule to block or hide emails. Learn how.

Hide the Spam Folder - This will hide the Spam folder from view so the you not need to look at it. From your Gmail inbox, go to the Settings (under the gear icon) > Go to Labels > Find the Spam label and click Hide. ​