G Suite for Education - Student FAQ​



Stay safe / Don’t get hacked

Check out these tips from Google's Safety Center for ideas including:

  • Use a strong password, and never share your password.
  • Always SIGN OUT of Google when you leave your computer.  Don't just close your browser.
  • Set up your computer, laptop, tablet or phone to automatically lock with a PIN when it goes to sleep.

Don’t download or install the Google Drive offline feature locally on your computer. Google Drive offline feature will keep that computer logged into your online Google Drive. Only access Google Drive online in the cloud at https://www.google.com/drive

Visit Google’s Security Checkup often to review your account for suspicious activity and remove unwanted access.  (Log into Google > go to my account > go to Security Checkup > Go to Get started).

If you think your account was hacked, tell your teacher right away so they can help you. If you know it, also change your password as soon as possible with the Student Password Hub.

Missing / accidentally deleted files

Google's own support site can assist with tips on finding your files and common reasons they may appear missing.  Learn more here​​.

CBE's I.T. Support can restore items in Google Drive and Gmail for the owner of the item. Only items permanently deleted in the last 25 days can be restored.  Ask your teacher for help with this.

Gmail and G Suite access isn’t forever 

  • When you leave the CBE or graduate you will immediately​ lose access to your account including your G Suite data and email, which will then soon be deleted by the CBE.
  • After you leave the CBE, you can NOT be granted access to retrieve your files. If there are any items you that are still needed, take a copy or change ownership to others BEFORE you leave.  
  • If you are applying for post-secondary scholarships, use a personal email account, not your CBE email so you can still access them after you graduate.
  • Google has tools to help you including:
    • Download –  If there are only a few things you want to keep, including items shared with you, download a copy of individual files or folders.
    • Forward important emails to another personal email account. 
    • Transfer your content – copy your Drive and Email files to a personal Google account. Learn more.
    • Archive/Takeout  - download  a copy of items owned by you in all G Suite services into one zip file. Learn more.
    • Transfer Ownership  -  If others will need to use files you own, you can transfer ownership to someone else at CBE in sharing options, or they can take a copy for themselves. Learn more.​ 

Need more help?

Find help in Google or ask your teacher: