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Google Workspace - Solve issues in Chrome

Sometimes customizations in your Chrome profile can interrupt your internet experience.  Common issues students report include;

  • can not connect to the internet after logging into a CBE Chromebook or opening the Chrome Browser
  • error 400 or other errors when connecting to Google Workspace apps or other common web sites
  • unwanted Chrome behaviour such as page redirects, privacy errors, new tabs opening, or home pages changing
  • slow performance when using Google Workspace apps or other web apps
  • web pages not displaying as they should

Understand Chrome profiles​​

To reduce or fix problems, it’s good to understand Chrome profiles. The Chrome Browser is setup to use Chrome profiles. With profiles, you can personalize Chrome and also keep your info separate E.g. School and Personal. These are items such as bookmarks, history, passwords, settings and extensions (mini applications that get added to Chrome).

Your profile can be stored in the cloud and can follow you to any Chrome browser or Chromebook you log into. This is the synching feature in Chrome so you can get your info on any device.

You can have more than one Chrome profile.

Chrome profiles get connected to a Google account. It can be a Google account or another personal Google account.

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Figure: Icon representing your Google Chrome profile


Fix your Chrome Profile

A simple way to resolve unexpected issues (such as the ones listed earlier) is to reset your Chrome Profile settings back to the default. This will disable extensions, clear cache and put some settings back to default. You will not lose your bookmarks, history or passwords.

  1. On your computer, open Chrome. In the top right of the Chrome Screen look at your Profile Icon, take note of the Profile you are using so you understand which profile you are making changes to​.
  1. At the top right beside your Profile Icon, open the ellipsis More Menu and then Settings and then Advanced.
  • On Chromebook, and Mac: Click Reset settings and then Restore settings to their original defaults and then Reset settings.
  • On Windows: Click Reset and cleanup and then Reset settings to their original defaults and then Reset settings.

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Figure: Find Chrome Profile Settings


Minimize Issues

Use a Chrome profile connected to your CBE Google account just for school related use.  Keep customizations and extensions that can interrupt your experience at school to other personal Chrome profiles.​​​​​​​