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Busing & Transportation Frequently Asked Questions | Calgary Transit

Frequently Asked Questions | Calgary Transit

Why is my child moving to Calgary Transit?

More students are moving to Calgary Transit as part of the CBE’s long-term transportation strategy.  The long-term transportation strategy was developed from the 2016 Transportation Engagement.  Each year the CBE Transportation Department reviews all yellow school bus routes to look for potential movement of students to Calgary Transit for service.

What factors are considered when moving students to Calgary Transit?

The factors considered for a move to Calgary Transit include:

  • grade configurations of grade 6 and up
  • ride times approximately 1 hour from the first bus stop to the school
  • communities with existing Calgary Transit service
  • number of bus transfers, may vary
  • Calgary Transit capacity

Are other students in middle/junior high school designated to transit?

This year, 4,000 students between Grades 6 and 9 at 18 schools across CBE used Calgary Transit as their mode of transportation to get to and from school. For 2020-21, another 500 Grade 6-9 students from 7 schools will move to Calgary Transit.

Where can I find information about my Calgary Transit route?

For information on Calgary Transit routes and schedules, please visit You can also call 403-262-1000 for assistance with route planning and questions about Calgary Transit operations.

Is there a dedicated bus to my child’s school?

Some residential districts have direct routes to the designated school. These routes are public transportation and can be accessed by the general public. Many residential districts do not have direct routes. Students in these residential districts must use regular service. Visit Calgary Transit's website for information on school express service variations​.

How many students can ride a school express route?

Seating capacity on a regular sized transit bus is 39, with room for another 25 to stand. The driver may limit the number of passengers or allow more, at their own discretion, in the interest of safety. School express routes are not guaranteed to have capacity to carry all students. Students who cannot board the designated bus are encouraged to use regular routes to get to and from school.

Why is my travel time on the bus and number of transfers greater than the CBE guidelines?

The majority of CBE students have a travel time on the bus of less than 60 minutes with not more than one bus transfer. However, that is not possible for all students. Some students have a longer travel time and more than one bus transfer depending on a variety of factors including distance from home to school.

How can I ensure that my child is safe on Calgary Transit?

Calgary Transit is committed to keeping all users safe and has an extensive network of security features including cameras on buses and help phones at LRT stations and platforms for assistance. There are cameras at all CTrain stations that are monitored by security staff that are in direct contact with peace officers and can dispatch them quickly, or call other emergency responders. Transit peace officers are also available to quickly respond to any incidents. 

How can safety concerns be reported?

Calgary Transit provides riders with three options to report safety or security concerns. In addition to the phone number (403-262-1000) and the help buttons/phones at bus and train stations, riders can now send a text to 74100 for assistance from transit staff. For more details, please see the Calgary Transit website.

What other measures are being taken to assist students?

The Calgary Board of Education and Calgary Transit offer a program called "My Transit Ride" for Calgary middle, junior, or high school students transitioning to Calgary Transit and their families. We are excited to offer this safety training and transit orientation to increase students’ comfort level and ability to ride Calgary Transit safely and efficiently.  Dates and locations will be announced at a later time.

Are there any other resources available to assist students?

For families choosing to use Calgary Transit, the Riding with Us section of the Calgary Transit website offers tips and information on safety, etiquette and more.

What happens when weather/traffic causes delays?

All traffic is affected in situations of poor weather. Students taking Calgary Transit have more options and flexibility as buses run more frequently. Students taking yellow school bus transportation only have one option, to take the one bus at the one time that it arrives at their stop.

How do families prepare for using transportation in cold weather?

It is wise for parents to create a backup plan and share that plan with your child. Your plan may include possibilities like carpooling with neighbours or dropping and picking up your children at school. We understand that these options are not possible for everyone and encourage you to develop a plan that is suitable to your family situation.

Do I have to purchase my own Calgary Transit pass?

Yes, families need to purchase monthly passes for their students.

Is there a waiver for Calgary Transit passes?

As part of the CBE's waiver process, families will need to apply for the City of Calgary's Fair Entry Program. This program offers a streamlined application process for City subsidy programs, including reduced rates for transit passes.

Is CBE working with Calgary Transit to offer a lower cost pass similar to the UPass from  U of C?

Every student at the University of Calgary pays for the UPass whether they use Calgary Transit or not. Even if a pass similar to the UPass were developed for CBE students, fees could still only be charged to people who use the service. Costs could not be spread across the whole system. Actual Calgary Transit ridership numbers for CBE students are not high enough to provide a discounted pass similar to the UPass.

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