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Education Plan

Student success is at the centre of all our decisions. Achieving student success requires commitment from every part of CBE's community – employees, students, parents, industry leaders and government. It requires a vision of what success looks like for each student and a plan for how we get there.

Our Education Plan ​​guides our work and​ connects each employee in CBE to our ultimate goal of student success. Everything we do to support students falls under four categories within this plan; learning excellence, people excellence, collaborative partnership and strategic resourcing. Our plan is also aligned with the direction of Alberta Education​.​

Student, staff and parent perspectives also inform the development of the Education Plan. These perspectives are gathered from a variety of sources in recognition of the important role we all play in supporting the Board of Trustees' priorities for student success. 

​The current Education Plan is in the final year of its three-year cycle. Engagement is currently underway and the perspectives and experiences gathered, along with student results data and Alberta Education expectations, will be used to help develop the 2024-27 Education Plan. This will be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval in May. 

​You can watch the video below to learn more:

Education Plan Frameworks

The CBE Education Plan identifies the goal to create strong student achievement and well-being for lifelong success in the area of Learning Excellence. A key shift in our new Education Plan is the development of frameworks in key areas of focus that are research informed and will endure over time.​

The frameworks are aligned with our commitment to student achievement, equity and well-being. Through the system-wide implementation of the frameworks, key outcomes identified in the Education Plan ​​will support o​ur leaders and teachers in the achievement of student success.

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