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​Operating Budget 2023-24​​

The CBE’s 2023-24 budget demonstrates its commitment to student achievement, equity and well-being through effective budget management, financial planning and transparency. It provides a clear roadmap for a sustainable financial future for the organization.

At Calgary Board of Education, budget development is a multi-step process.
In February 2022, the Government of Alberta provided all school boards with preliminary funding information in Budget 2023.

CBE Administration presented the Budget Assumptions Report (BAR) to the Board of Trustees on April 4, 2023. On April 25, 2023, the CBE received the Alberta Education funding commitment letter and updated funding profile.

The Board of Trustees approved the 2023-24 budget at a public meeting on May 30, 2023. The $1.5 billion budget supports the operation of an expected 251 schools and 138,000 students.

As required by law, the 2023-24 budget is balanced.

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