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Modified Calendar

Modified Calendar​

For more detail see the instructional calendar explanation.​

What is a Modified Calendar

​Approximately 30 schools and programs follow a modified calendar with instruction from mid-August through late June. These schools share common the common non-instruction days as they rest of the system. They also have an additional break in October, and longer winter and spring breaks.

Modified Calendar Schools

These are the CBE schools using the modified calendar this school year. 

Please note: Keeler School is not operating on the modified calendar in 2022-23 as a temporary measure ​due to renovations taking place at the school. The school previously operated on the modified calendar. 

​2022-2023 Modified Calendar Schools
  • ​Abbeydale School
  • Bob Edwards School
  • Cappy Smart School
  • Catherine Nichols Gunn School
  • Crossing Park School
  • Douglas Harkness School
  • Dr. Gladys McKelvie Egbert School
  • Erin Woods School
  • Ernest Morrow School
  • Falconridge School
  • G.W. Skene​ School
  • Grant MacEwan School
  • Ian Bazalgette School
  • James Short Memorial School
  • Manmeet Singh Bhullar School
  • ​​Marlborough School
  • Niitsitapi Learning Centre
  • O. S. Geiger School
  • Patrick Airlie School
  • Penbrooke Meadows School
  • Radisson Park School
  • Roland Michener School
  • Rundle School
  • Taradale School
  • Ted Harrison School
  • Terry Fox School
  • Valley View School
  • ​West Dover School

Other Calendars

These unique settings will follow the modified calendar.

2022-2023 Unique Settings
  • ​Children’s Village School
  • ​Dr. Gordon Townsend School​
  • Dr. Oakley School
  • Emily Follensbee School
  • William Roper Hull School
  • George Wood Learning Centre
  • William Taylor Learning Centre​​​

Future Calendars

​Tentative calendars are provided to help families look at planning ahead; however, unforeseen circumstances may require changes to any school instructional calendar.

To see your school’s specific calendar please visit the sc​hool website or call the school office.​

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