Diverse Learning Needs

Diverse Learning Needs Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

The Calgary Board of Education provides a continuum of supports and services for students with diverse learning needs. The student receives individualized support to address these needs. Some, but not all, of these learner needs may be addressed in the student’s Individual Program Plan (IPP). In keeping with the individual abilities and unique learning needs, a specialized team supports students and assist with program planning.

If a student requires support and services beyond the community school, a referral for consideration of placement begins with the principal of the community school and the school learning team. Consideration for placement is a collaborative process among parents, teachers, strategists, specialists, and others. Additionally, consideration for placement requires the student be a resident of CBE and has been supported by one priority learning cycle.​

Program Description

Learning & Literacy

The Learning and Literacy (L&L) classes are for students grades 4 to 9, identified with learning disabilities impacting reading acquisition. Students diagnosed with a specific learning disorder (SLD) with impairment in reading can also be referred when there are indications that they are able to leverage supports through spoken language. If the student shows significant oral language difficulties or a language disorder, they may not be appropriate of an L&L class.

The goal of L&L is to assist each student gaining skills, knowledge, and competencies in reaching their academic, social, and emotional potential. The emphasis of instruction is on developing literacy skills (reading and writing) within an inclusive classroom environment. Inclusive learning technologies, curriculum design, accommodations, and all key components of programming for students with learning disabilities are implemented based on each student’s individual needs.​

Unique Settings

Dr. Oakley School

Dr. Oakley School ​is a unique setting for students in Grades 3 to 9 with an identified Learning Disability in reading. Dr. Oakley provides short-term intensive and explicit specialized reading and literacy instruction in a structured learning environment. There is a focus on evidence-informed literacy practices, inclusive technology, developing self-advocacy skills and explicitly teaching strategies to support task initiation and completion. These skills and understandings are addressed with small student-teacher ratios with the goal of successful reintegration into community school programming.

Curriculum accommodations are implemented based on the individual needs of each student. The emphasis of instruction is on the English Language Arts and Literature and Mathematics curriculums. Literacy is also taught through topics of Social Studies and Science. Staffing allows for small, flexible instructional groups throughout each school day. These teams are further supported by additional teaching staff. A response to intervention approach is implemented for students who may require additional resources to support their progress.​

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