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Teaching Philosophy

All Girls

Is the All Girls Program the Right Choice for My Child?

A successful student demonstrates:

  • a willingness to become a confident leader

  • a broad perspective on non-traditional career opportunities for females

  • an understanding of the lived experience of women in local, national and global cultures

  • the preference to working in an all-girl environment

  • an interest in science, technology, technology and mathematics (STEM) learning

  • an interest in curriculum that highlights how women contribute meaningfully to our society and lead change

  • a willingness to learn through making connections across many subjects

Characteristics of the All Girls Program

  • Provides girl-focused approaches to learning

  • Intentionally emphasizes cooperative and inquiry-based learning

  • Increases exposure to science, math and technology

  • Builds on girls’ strengths to improve self-confidence, personal growth and understanding of the social construction of gender

  • Provides opportunities for mentorship networks among members of the student body and with successful women

  • Incorporates a focus on character in all aspects of the curriculum

  • School uniform

* Emphasize girls’ abilities to become independent and empowered leaders in school and in their greater community.

How to Register

  • Registration begins on the second Monday in January.​
  • Refer to your designated school’s website for any parent information session. Attend parent information session and/or view informational presentation.​​
  • Only completed packages will be accepted once registration begins.
  • Packages must be received by Tuesday at noon of the week of Teacher’s Convention.​ Note: Lottery​​ draws will take place the following day.​
  • For families that are new to the CBE and not Canadian citizens​, please note you must first attend the CBE Welcome Centre for an initial assessment prior to registering for an Alternative Program.
Students New to CBE​
​Students currently enrolled with CBE
Completed Student Registration Form ​Completed Transfer Request
Signed Parent Acknowledgement of Understanding for Alternative Program Registration ​Signed Parent Acknowledgement of Understanding for Alternative Program Registration
Transportation Information​ Transportation Information​ ​
All Girls Program All Girls Program


  • See Fees page for fees that apply to all CBE students.
  • Uniform cost (approximately $400.00)


Please see Transportation for Alternative Programs​ for important information. Parents will want to carefully consider the transportation services to and from the alternative program they want to enrol their child in.

Find a School

Every child in Calgary has a designated school based on their home address and the program they choose.

Find your designated school with our find a school tool along with the school's contact information and website address. Be sure to use the drop down arrow for 'Program Options' to select 'All Girls'.


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