Naming the New Schools

​​​When new schools are being built many parents and community members wonder what the name of the new school in their community will be and how that name is chosen. At the CBE, the naming of a new school or a change in the name of an existing school is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees.

To select a school name, the Board of Trustees will organize a school naming committee. This committee includes the trustee for that community, a second trustee, CBE administration and school community representatives.

The school naming committee will engage with the community consistent with CBE's Dialogue Framework. That engagement must take place before a recommendation is made to the Board of Trustees.

Schools should be named:

  • for the districts in which they are located; or 
  • for locations or events that show great Canadian historical significance; or 
  • ​after a Canadian individual of recognized stature, whose life work aligns with achievement of the organizational Results, or who has demonstrated exemplary achievement of the organizational Results; or 
  • by any other name that may be deemed appropriate by the Board of Trustees. 

Names of schools should provide meaningful learning opportunities for students. 

When naming schools after individuals, the use of the names of individuals who are deceased or who have retired will be considered first. 

Prior to naming a school after an individual, that individual or immediate family will be requested to grant permission. 

Except for high schools, it will be the practice to exclude grade configurations as part of the school name.

The committee will then recommend a name for the school to the Board of Trustees. In most cases, the Board will approve a name six to eight months in advance of the school opening.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please send them to

New Auburn Bay Elementary School Naming Survey

The Calgary Board of Education is building a new elementary school for the community of Auburn Bay. A school naming committee has been set up to recommend a name to the Board of Trustees. The committee has shortlisted two possible names and wants your input before making a recommendation to the Board.

​Please complete the naming survey online by midnight on Friday, Sept. 24. A decision on the new school’s name will be made this fall. Thank you for participating!  

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