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CBE Connections

CBE Connections Get Ready: Provincial Election, Scholarships & PATs

Get Ready: Provincial Election, Scholarships & PATs

Welcome to CBE Connections

Summer & Fall Programming

Application Deadline May 26 at 1 PM

Dual credit, exploratory and internship program applications are open for summer and fall programming. Students can explore hands-on development of career skills, post-secondary learning and on-the-job training experience as part of their high school learning plan.

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Trustees Accept Resignation of Chief Superintendent

The Board of Trustees has accepted the resignation of Chief Superintendent Christopher Usih effective Aug. 24, 2023. 

He is leaving the CBE to move closer to family and to take up a position with the Richmond School District. Chief Superintendent Usih will continue to work with superintendents and the Board of Trustees throughout the rest of this school year to ensure a smooth transition.

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Provincial Election May 29
Get Ready!

During this election period, the Board of Trustees will be sharing our top priorities with candidates. These include advocating for continued investment in public education, the building and modernizing of schools, and other key priorities.

​ You can also make a difference by reading party platforms on education, asking questions of candidates and voting!

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CBE Events & Open Houses in May

There are many celebrations, open houses and events happening at CBE schools in May.

Watch your school's website for more information, and check out our events page on the CBE website.

Events & Open Houses

Provincial Achievement Tests Begin in May

PATs are administered annually to all students in Grades 6 and 9. These standardized tests reflect the essentials that all Alberta students are expected to achieve, regardless of school choice or location.

Check Out The PAT Schedule

Spotlight on Schools
William Roper Hull School & Hull Services

At William Roper Hull School, students of all abilities and backgrounds come together to learn in a supportive environment. It's a place where positive energy radiates from every classroom and hallway.

Student Awarded
Awards & Scholarships

Check out the scholarships and awards that are available to students completing high school. Awards and scholarships recognize and support outstanding academic and athletic achievements, community contributions, diversity, financial need and more. Application deadlines vary, but many are at the end of May.

Congratulations To All Students

Chris Usif

May is a time of great transition as we begin to celebrate Grade 12 graduations and prepare for elementary and middle school students to move into the next division.

I am so proud of everything students have achieved this school year, and wish them all the best as they take their next steps.


Christopher Usih,
Chief Superintendent

For School Councils

Adults in meeting

Council of School Councils
Final Meeting of the Year

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Mark your calendars! Meeting invitations will be sent out to school councils soon.

Calendar of Events

ASCA Calendar of Events

The ASCA website offers a calendar of events including a variety of participation opportunities for school council members and/or parents. These include:

  • Workshops for school councils
  • Online sessions for parents regarding various health and educational issues
  • Event information for “special dates”.
Calendar of Events​​​​​

CBE Connections is emailed every month to families to connect them more closely with what’s happening across​​ our system.

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