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CBE CARES: Collaboration for Anti-Rac​​​ism and Equity Supports (CARES) 

Introduced in June 2020, CBE CARES serves to advance equity, anti-racism and inclusion within the CBE. Every student should have the opportunity to succeed personally and academically regardless of background, identity or personal circumstances.

Dr. Marie Delo​rme is supporting this important work. Dr. Delorme is well respected in leadership and organization, and her research focuses on inter-cultural leadership. 

In the 2020-21 school year, the CBE is committed to the strategies below. 

Advisory Cou​​ncil 

The overall mandate of the Advisory Council is to offer suggestions and advice on strategies to address racism and discrimination in CBE schools and workplaces. It is made up of representatives including CBE students and staff, who participate in discussions on emerging issues related to equity, anti-racism and inclusion within CBE and its school communities and work sites.

Advice and guidance for CBE CARES will also be sought from Indigenous Elders through the Chief Superintendent Elders Advisory Council.  

Listening Sessions 

We are hearing from parents and staff through listening sessions that allow participants to share their lived experiences with racism, equity and inclusion at the CBE. Facilitated by Dr. Delorme, the session are all held online to hear from many perspectives and adhere to COVID-19 guidelines. The sessions will help us understand the current environment at the CBE and help shape our next steps. 

Written Submissions

Students, parents/guardians and staff can share experiences and recommendations by emailing​. Submissions received by February 22, 2021 will be included in the content Dr. Delorme will review as she forms her report for the CBE.

Literature Revie​​w 

CBE, with the support of University of Calgary, is conducting a literature review related to anti-racism, inclusion and equity in school jurisdictions across Canada and elsewhere to ensure that CBE is informed of current and emerging issues that are relevant to our local context. The information will help shape our strategies to advance anti-racism, equity and inclusion within the CBE.

Report and Next Steps 

Based on all the feedback, advice and recommendations gathered, Dr. Delorme will report to the chief superintendent with recommendations for moving forward by the end of March 2021. As an organization, we will then consider actions arising from the report to enhance equity, achievement and well-being for all. 


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