Three male students in uniform with linked arms, from the All Boys Program

Teaching Philosophy

All Boys

Is the All Boys Program the Right Choice for My Child?

A successful student demonstrates:

  • a desire to learn in a single gender setting

  • a willingness to be actively engaged in a learning environment that focuses on the the academic, physical, emotional and social needs of boys

  • a willingness to take risks in their learning

  • a desire to understand themselves as a learner

Characteristics of the All Boys Program

  • Builds on boys’ strengths to create an optimistic culture and an encouraging learning environment where boys achieve their personal best

  • Fostering self-confidence as boys understand how to be a resilient learner and critical thinker

  • Daily Physical Education Program, instructed by a K-6 Physical Education specialist

  • Development of leadership characteristics through authentic contribution to the school community

  • The natural curiosity of the male learner is leveraged through intentional task design

  • Enriching their learning and the curriculum through the use of residencies, exploration of community resources and off campus experiences that make the connections authentic for boys

  • A school comunity that recognizes the necessity for classroom environments that support male learners (movement breaks, tall desks, alternative seating, asistive tools)

  • Alberta Programs of Study through an instructional approach that best meets the learning needs of boys

  • Infusion of technology to support the demonstration of learning


How to Register for the 2022-23 School Year​

Alternative programs have a new registration process. Please visit our Program Options page to read the new process and for additional information on alternative program registration.

Find a School

Every child in Calgary has a designated school based on their home address and the program they choose.

Find your designated school with our find a school tool along with the school's contact information and website address. Be sure to use the drop down arrow for 'Program Options' to select 'All Boys'.


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