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Conducting Research : Research Application Process
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Conducting Research

Research Application Process

How To Apply

Research applications must be sent to Please note that if your email attachment is larger than 10 MB, your email will not be received due to size restrictions. Please spread your attachments over several emails if necessary. If you don’t receive confirmation of receipt of your application with 7 days, please send a follow-up email.  In order to be considered complete for processing, all applications must contain the following:

  • Application to Conduct Research
  • Letter of Introduction to Research
    • Recruitment Package
    • Copy of Oral Explanation
  • Informed Consent Document* 
  • Assent Documents
  • Copy of surveys, questionnaires, interview questions, or interview guide
  • Letter of Approval from a Research Ethics Board (REB) where necessary
  • A Police Information Check (PIC) including a Vulnerable Sector Search (if the researcher is not currently a CBE employee with a PIC on file)

*Studies that do not require REB approval will require a CBE Informed Consent form. Please email for a template.

What Happens After My Application is Submitted?

You will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received. If you don’t receive this email within 7 days of submission, please send a follow-up email. Application processing can take up to 8 weeks so we recommend submitting your application well in advance of your proposed start date.

Following review, you will receive correspondence to let you know if your study has been:

  • Approved
  • Conditionally approved (to be approved subject to specified conditions)
  • Requested to be revised
  • Rejected

Studies may not commence until they have received Approval status. Approved studies will receive a signed letter that the researcher  must provide to schools in their information packages so that schools may make an informed decision about whether or not to participate in the research.

Should you receive revisions, please follow the Guide to Responding to Revisions.

Guide to Responding to Revisions

If revisions are requested, they will be provided back to you in point form. To respond, please:

  • provide a response to each individual point describing how you have revised your documents;
  • provide instructions on where revisions were made throughout the applications documents; and
  • highlight or use red font to make all changes visible.


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