Diverse Learning Needs


The Calgary Board of Education provides a continuum of supports and services for students with diverse learning needs. The student receives individualized support to address these needs. Some, but not all, of these learner needs may be addressed in the student’s Individual Program Plan (IPP). In keeping with the individual abilities and unique learning needs, a specialized team supports students and assist with program planning.

​A student is formally identified as a gifted learner by a psychological educational assessment indicating at or above the 98th percentile (standard score 130 or above) as measured on an individually administered intelligence test:
  • Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) and/or
  • General Ability Index (GAI) 

Program Description

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)​

Alberta Education describes giftedness as exceptional performance and/or potential in learning rate, depth of knowledge, reasoning and problem-solving abilities when compared with others of their age, experience, and environment. Giftedness presents across a wide range of abilities: general intellectual, specific academic, creative thinking, social, musical, artistic, kinesthetic. (Alberta Education, 2004).

If a student requires support and services beyond the community school, a referral for consideration of placement in a GATE program begins with the principal of the community school and the school learning team. Consideration for placement is a collaborative process among parents, teachers, strategists, specialists, and others. Additionally, consideration for placement requires the student be a resident of CBE and has been supported by one priority learning cycle and additional documentation is required to accompany the referral.  Connect with the principal at your designated community school for more information.

Congregated Settings​

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