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​Bus Driver Shortage

Note | As we begin the 2022-23 school year, the majority of our bus routes have a regular driver assigned to the route. However, our transportation service providers are facing a bus driver shortage. This means that buses could be delayed or canceled due to driver absences, mechanical issues or delays from the previous school on the route. Our service providers continue to actively recruit and​ train new drivers.

Families should be prepared and have back-up plans in place in the event their bus is delayed or canceled on short notice.

CBE has taken a number of steps in response to the bus driver shortage:

  • increased capacity by expanding service providers. Currently Calgary Transit is helping with 15 runs.
  • reassigned small bus routes to specialized transportation service providers who have additonal capacity.
  • utilizing buses to a higher capacity than during the COVID-19 pandemic to reduce the overall number of buses required.
  • provided proactive communication with families, schools, and our public.
  • managing the transportation contract to ensure CBE routes are prioritized by service providers.
  • added additional temporary resources within CBE Transportation to support school and family inquiries.

CBE is committed to continuing to find solutions to minimize the impact on students, families, and school communities.

Guiding Principles

Families are responsible for the safe passage of students to and from the bus stop and at the bus stop.

We support student learning by ensuring students arrive safely, on time, and ready to learn by providing safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable transportation services.

New & Emerging Communities

Transportation from new or emerging communities which are still undergoing construction and development of roadways does not always align with regular transportation guidelines. The challenge in these new communities is that there is often no safe path, clear of obstructions (construction supplies and equipment), on City maintained roads for the yellow bus to enter and circle around as needed.  School bus stops may be in adjacent communities for the regular program.  School bus stops for alternative programs follow the congregated stop model.

Transportation Services will regularly monitor safety and progress of construction and roads in new areas, and change the location of stops as required during the year.​​

Calgary Transit

Calgary Transit does not provide service to new or emerging communities until it meets their guidelines. Students may use Calgary Transit in adjacent communities.

If Calgary Transit is not available in the new and emerging community or adjacent communities, yellow school bus service is added if:

Yellow school bus transportation does not exist in an adjacent community; and

Yellow school bus transportation is deemed safe to be added to the new or emerging community.

Transportation Forms

Families register and pay for transportation using MyC​BE. Paper forms are available on Forms You Need; please scroll down to the header "Transportation."


To discuss a concern about a driver/service issue, start with the service provider. If the situation is unresolved, please contact Transportation Services directly at The concern will be investigated and you will receive a response from Transportation Services. To commend the service of a driver, contact the service provider directly. If you do so by email, copy so we can also follow-up with our gratitude.

To discuss a concern other than a driver or a service issue, please contact Transportation Services directly at If the concern is unresolved, please follow the Concerns and Complaints process.

Transportation Engagements & Reviews

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The office will be closed on all holidays and system-wide non-instructional days.​ 


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