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Fall Back Into Learning

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Board of Trustees

Advocating for More Learning Spaces

We are a couple of months into the school year and gaining a better sense of how full our CBE schools really are. About one in ten schools are being overflowed to neighbouring schools and others are quickly reaching capacity. We are working with government to prioritize the building of new schools, and have recently submitted a request for 80 new or relocated modular classrooms that can provide temporary learning spaces where they are needed most.

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Acting Chief Superintendent  
Embracing Safety, Kindness and Compassion for All

The world can be an uncertain place, but CBE schools must be neutral places of safety, kindness and compassion for all students, staff and families. Our school communities are rich with many cultures, belief systems and ways of identifying, and that is always worth celebrating. As a public school system, we welcome and support students and staff from incredibly diverse backgrounds, perspectives and beliefs. This is what makes us such a strong, resilient, supportive school system. #WeAreCBE.

A pile of clocks
Change Your Clocks on Sunday, Nov. 5

This time of year brings colder temperatures, fewer sunlight hours and snow, but also an extra hour of sleep! Remember to change your clocks to "fall back" this weekend!

Fall leaves
Fall Break Reminder

The fall break is coming up and there are no classes Nov. 9 – 14.
Enjoy the break!

Instructional Calendar

Child in heavy jacket
Are You Prepared for Changing Weather Conditions?

We've already had our first taste of winter weather this school year. Make sure your family is prepared for all weather conditions.

Be Prepared

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Explore Your Child's Future with Unique Pathways

Applications are open for all Semester 2 Dual Credit and Exploratory Programs. High school students can pursue post-secondary learning or hands-on skills training while in school!

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Youth vaping  
Is Your Child Vaping? Learn How to Talk to Them

The first session of this year's Child & Youth Well-Being Family and Caregiver Series is Nov. 16 from 6:30 – 8 PM. We will present how to engage in challenging conversations with your child regarding vaping.

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School Councils

Instagram Logo

Should I Create a Social Media Account for Our School Council?

Wondering how to use social media like Facebook or Instagram for your school council?

Review Social Media Guidelines for School Councils

Online Presentation

Community of School Councils Information

The Oct. 26 COSC meeting materials have been posted to the COSC meetings page.

Oct. 26 Meeting Materials

Calendar of Events

ASCA Calendar Of Events

The Alberta School Councils' Association website offers a calendar that includes a variety of participation opportunities for school council members and/or parents. These include:

  • Workshops for school councils
  • Online sessions for parents regarding various health and educational issues
  • Event information for “special dates”.

CBE Connections is emailed every month to families to connect them more closely with what’s happening across​​ our system.

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