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Unique Pathways & Off-campus Education How to Setup a Statement of Intent

How to Setup a Statement of Intent

​Students applying for Dual Credit and Exploratory programs are required to submit a Statement of Intent. The Statement of Intent is the most important part of the application. It should reflect key ideas and reasons why you are interested in taking the course and how the course connects to your future goals. The Statement of Intent should answer some/all of the following important reasons why you would be a good fit for the program.

Statement of Intent Sentence Starters:

  • I am interested in taking this course because…
  • I want to learn about…
  • This course is connected to my future because…
  • I am passionate about…
  • I was inspired to apply because…

Students may use one of the following formats as their Statement of Intent.

1. 1-minute Video presentation

Students can use whichever recording platform they are comfortable with and upload to a preferred site (google drive, youtube, etc.). They would then provide the link (with permissions set) in an attachment as part of their application email submission. A strong video presentation should:

  • be concise - by keeping your video message brief and to the point, you will present a clear focus on why you are a good fit for the course;
  • be as professional as you can be – remember, you are applying to a post-secondary or industry level program;
  • be positive - you want to present a positive first impression;
  • be direct - make your video feel as if you’re talking directly to someone and capture the viewer’s attention;
  • be personal – be yourself, but avoid slang and stay on the topic of why the program is a good fit for you;
  • be creative - some students have interviewed themselves, some have filmed at a certain location that connects to their program of interest, and some have told a story.

When submitting the video, confirm that the permissions are set to share with “anyone with the link” - otherwise viewing restrictions will apply and it will not open.

2. Written Statement of Intent

A strong written statement is not necessarily a long essay. The content of the written work is more important than the length. A strong written statement should:

  • use some or all of the Statement of Intent Sentence Starters listed above;
  • be presented as a formal, one page document;
  • be detailed and personal;
  • use proper grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation;
  • be proof read by a parent/guardian or friend before submitting.

3. Slide Presentation and/or Power Point

Slide presentations can be a great way to convey a message using short points and images, with or without audio. A strong slide presentation should:

  • be no more than 6 slides in length;
  • use the slide master feature to create a professional, consistent and simple design template;
  • be creative and connect images to the course of interest;
  • address the Statement of Intent Sentence Starters (above).

Helpful Resources

Students are encouraged to use myBueprint.ca as a tool to discover potential post secondary and/or career pathways, take personal surveys and relate these findings to their Statement of Intent.​

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