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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees About the Board

About the Board

​​Citizens of Calgary elect trustees to govern the Calgary Board of Education, one of the best education systems in the world. Trustees are elected during the municipal election; the last election was held Oct. 18, 2021. Official election results​ can be viewed on the Elections Calgary page.​

The Board of Trustees provides leadership for the CBE by defining the vision, Results and Operational Expectations for the organization on behalf of its community.  

The Board’s job is to represent, lead and serve Calgarians and to govern the CBE. This is done by establishing expectations for organizational results and quality operational performance and then monitoring actual performance against those expectations. This monitoring takes place at public board meetings.

The Board will:

  • Ensure the Results are the dominant focus of CBE’s performance
  • Advocate for the CBE and its students
  • Engage stakeholders in the work of the Board and the CBE
  • Develop governing policies that address:
  • Monitor the Board’s policies to ensure acceptable performance of the Board and the Chief Superintendent
  • Appoint an independent auditor to conduct an annual external review of the CBE’s financial condition
  • Name or rename the organization, schools, portions of schools, school grounds and other CBE facilities
  • Approve the bargaining mandate and ratify all collective agreements for unionized employees
  • Approve the total compensation packages for all exempt employees
  • Perform other duties required by law or not otherwise delegated to the Chief Superintendent​

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