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Building & Modernizing Schools

Building & Modernizing Schools Criteria for School Capital Planning Priorities

Criteria for School Capital Planning Priorities

Each year, school boards submit a Three-Year School Capital Plan to Alberta Education by April 1. The Calgary Board of Education doesn’t decide when new schools are built. The Provincial Government determines where, when and how new schools are built.

The Calgary Board of Education’s Three-Year School Capital Plan​requests new construction and major modernization projects from the Provincial Government. This plan identifies a single prioritized capital list consisting of both new school construction and major modernization requests, as required by Alberta Education. The plan identifies priorities for new school construction and major modernizations based on criteria approved by the Board of Trustees.

In 2014, we asked Calgarians to provide input and comment on the criteria we should consider when requesting new schools, major modernizations and modular classrooms from the Government of Alberta.

W​e heard from a variety of stakeholders on how we can improve our criteria. Below are the previous criteria and the new criteria we will use to put our Three-Year School Capital plan together.


Revised New School Ranking Criteria (K-9)
Previous Criteria Revised Criteria

Community Enrolment and Growth Profile

  • Student enrolment
  • preschool census (public supporters only)
  • Three-year community growth

Busing and Travel Time

  • Median travel time
  • Number of bus receivers

Accommodation Available for the Community

  • Existing K-4 school in community
  • More than 2 school moves between K-9
  • Preschool census using all preschool children (eliminated points range and actual number)
  • Enrolment in CBE schools
  • Projected five-year sector population growth
  • Median travel time (new formula takes in to account travel time and distance of overflow school to the community
  • Number of bus receiver schools required for the community
  • Existing K-4 or starter school approved or in existence
  • Greater than 2 transition points (K-9)​

Revised Modernization Ranking Criteria​ ​
Previous Criteria Revised Criteria
  • Role of the school and accommodation plans (30 points)
  • Enrolment, utilization and enrolment projects (25 points)
  • Site features and location (5 points)
  • Facility condition (40 points)
  • Ability to upgrade the facility (30 points)
  • Superintendents Team identify and prioritize based on system programming needs (35 points)
  • Enrolment, utilization, enrolment projections and accommodation plan (10 points)
  • Site features and location (10 points)
  • Facility condition/needs (25 points)
Senior high schools will continue to be placed in the priority ranking based on a recommendation by CBE administration based on future needs determined by demographic information.  ​

Eligibility Filters for Modular Classrooms​
  • Is the school over or projected to be over 90% in the next 3 years?
  • Is the accommodation challenge due to out-of-boundary students?
  • Does the school accommodate students from a community that is approved for a new school?
  • Is the school a starter school?
  • Is there a school in an adjacent community that can accommodate the students in the long-term?
  • Will the addition of modular classrooms accommodate projected enrolment for the next 3-5 years?
  • Can the school site accommodate additional modular classrooms? 

If the school does not meet any of these filters, the school will not proceed to the ranking process.


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