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Governance Policies

​Governance policies enable the Board of Trustees to effectively lead, direct, inspire and control the outcomes and operations of the district through a set of very carefully crafted policy statements and effective monitoring of them.

Governance Culture

The Board clearly defines in policy the individual and collective behaviour required to establish a culture of good governance. These policies establish standards for how the Board performs its work, including policies that define the Board’s job, its purpose and its accountability.

GC-1Board Purpose
GC-2Governing Commitments
GC-2ETrustee Remuneration
GC-3Board Job Description
GC-3E(1)Trustee Responsibilities
GC-3E(2)Closure of School Procedure
GC-3E(3)CBE Ward Boundary Review
GC-4Officers' Roles
GC-5Board Committees
GC-5EAgenda Planning Committee Terms of Reference
GC-5EAudit and Risk Committee Terms of Reference
GC-5EBoard Governance Committee
GC-5EName Review Committee Terms of Reference
GC-5ESchool Name Recommendation Committee Terms of Reference
GC-5ETrustee Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference
GC-6Annual Work Plan
GC-6EAnnual Work Plan - 2023-2024
GC-7Trustee Code of Conduct
GC-7ECode of Conduct Sanctions
GC-8Trustee Conflict of Interest

​Board/Chief Superintendent Relationship

The Board defines the degree of authority delegated to the Chief Superintendent, through policy, and sets out how the Chief Superintendent’s performance, and ultimately the organization’s performance, will be evaluated.

BCSR-1Single Point of Connection
BCSR-2Single Unit Control
BCSR-3Staff Accountability
BCSR-4Authority of the Chief Superintendent
BCSR-4EDelegation of Authority to the Chief Superintendent
BCSR-5Chief Superintendent Accountability
BCSR-5EAnnual Summative Evaluation of the Chief Superintendent


These are the Board of Trustees’ statements that describe the outcome the organization is expected to achieve for each student it serves. The Results policies are the performance targets for the Chief Superintendent and the organization, and form the basis for judging the success of the organization and the Chief Superintendent on reasonable progress towards achieving the Results. The Board of Trustees monitors the Results policies on an annual basis for reasonable progress over time.

The Results annual monitoring reports can be found here. You can find more information about the Results Policies here.


R-1Mission Result
R-2Academic Success
R-2EReasonable Interpretations and Indicators
R-3EReasonable Interpretations and Indicators
R-4Personal Development
R-4EReasonable Interpretations and Indicators
R-5EReasonable Interpretations and Indicators

​Operational Expectations

These policies define both the non-negotiable expectations and the clear boundaries within which the Chief Superintendent and staff must operate. The Chief Superintendent is required to comply with the Board’s stated values about operational conditions and actions as set out in these policies. The Board of Trustees monitors the Operational Expectations policies on an annual basis for compliance.

The Operational Expectations annual monitoring reports can be found here.

OE-1Global Operational Expectations
OE-1EReasonable Interpretations and Indicators
OE-2Learning Environment/Treatment of Students
OE-2EReasonable Interpretations and Indicators
OE-3Instructional Program
OE-3EReasonable Interpretations and Indicators
OE-4Treatment of Employees
OE-4EReasonable Interpretations and Indicators
OE-5Financial Planning
OE-5EReasonable Interpretations and Indicators
OE-6Asset Protection
OE-6EReasonable Interpretations and Indicators
OE-7Communication With and Support for the Board
OE-7EReasonable Interpretations and Indicators
OE-8Communicating and Engaging With the Public
OE-8EReasonable Interpretations and Indicators
OE-9EReasonable Interpretations and Indicators

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